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Speaker Beth Boehner?

Harwell apparently hopes the conservatives in her caucus do not read the newspapers or watch FOX news. One would think that after seeing what the conservative members of the U.S. House Republican caucus did to Speaker John Boehner and his hand-picked successor,  Harwell might tread lightly on the conservatives in her own body.  This is […]

The title of my speech today: “What NOT to do.”

Looking positively California chic in his blue blazer and open-neck checkered shirt, short-term Haslam chief of staff Mark Cate held forth on a panel discussion at the RGA senior staff retreat in Dana Point, California earlier today and yesterday. Sitting under cream-colored umbrellas while overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the St. Regis Hotel, Cate must […]

TODAY: The Losers.

          TODAY:  THE LOSERS. There are too many losers to count, but we’ll start the ball rolling with these: Rep. Kevin Brooks. Kev tried to have it both ways, declaring publicly he was undecided while trying to recruit votes in favor of InsureTN behind the scenes. Not good. Governor Haslam and […]

Well whattayah know — the Governor DOES read Rocky Top.

Or so we would like to think. Just two days after RTP commented on an earlier Tennessee News Leader story about the Jackson Sun’s pissy little “expose” asserting the lack of economic development money from the state, the Governator himself called up the Sun to bitch: Haslam complains report on West TN ECD grants “way […]

RTP Outed!?

Boy, those T.E.A. union leaders are SO smart! Montgomery County union president, Becky Jackman,was holding court in Clarksville the other day, regaling everyone with her insider’s knowledge of the “real” puppet masters behind RTP.  Naturally, the folks here at RTP were trembling with trepidation that our dark, horrible secret was finally being exposed.  According to […]

Haslam 2 Huffman 2 Cagle 2 Pearson

Executive Summary: Governor goes on a secret closed-door education tour.  Invites only hand-picked participants for an “open dialogue” (snicker) about how to ram through the governor’s Common Core agenda — an agenda that stands to make some people very rich off our education tax dollars.  The meetings are set up by an organization whose lobbyist […]

And THAT is why we made Bill Haslam ask for permission

News this morning that former Clinton fundraising sleazeball and current governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe has said to hell with the Virginia legislature, HE can expand Medicaid without their permission.  This from a Washington Post editorial (when the Post disagrees with a Democrat, now that’s news…): Virginia’s governor claims he can expand Medicaid on his […]

And The Loser Is…

Ah, Spring.  That time of year when birds sing, bees buzz and some politicos get bitch slapped as the legislature goes all sine die on them.  Fresh from our 3-day Easter break of church services and mimosas, we here at RTP want to join in on the fun and offer our own list of the […]