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Bring it on, Solyndra Phil

She’s with…

Word is former Gov. Phil Bredesen is thinking about running for Coker’s seat in the U.S. Senate.  To which our first reaction was: “You mean he’s still alive?”

If he won, Bredesen would be pushing 75 by the time he was sworn in.  In fairness, that would make him a regular “spring chicken” compared to some of his colleagues, but still….

Bredesen’s biggest problem would not be his age.  Voters would be much more interested in his thoughts on:

  • The TNInvestco boondoggle that saw hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars go to many of his cronies to create “start-ups” many of which have returned little or nothing in the way of the permanent jobs they were supposed to create.
  • $328 million dollars in economic development incentives of taxpayer’s money pissed down a rat hole by Bredesen to attract two solar industry semiconductor factories. Both went belly up, leaving Tennessee taxpayers holding the bag.  Within days of leaving the governor’s office, the two Bredesen top economic development cabinet members who oversaw the handout to the failed factories, opened a – surprise! — solar company with a major investment from – surprise!– Bredesen.  This was all a part of the overall “green jobs” scams promoted by the Obama administration that lost billions of dollars in “crony capitalism” handouts to their political friends, of which Solyndra was the largest bankruptcy.
  • How would Phil vote for New York’s Chuck Schumer for Majority Leader?
  • Would he have voted for Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court?
  • Enlighten us as to his position on DACA, the Wall, tax subsidies for tuition for illegal aliens and other immigration issues

And, of course, we would be remiss if we did not point out that politics in Tennessee has changed just a tad in the 16 years since Solyndra Phil ran in his last competitive election.  While it is true that Bredesen has a sizeable fortune he could spend on the race, he needs to look no further than next door in the recent Alabama senate race to see what outspending your opponent 30-to-1 can get you.  The soon-to-be-former Senator Luther Strange can clue him in on the new paradigm.

Bredesen also told the AP he was going to “do some research” in order to make his decision.  Here is RTP’s helpful “research” map to remind Phil what happened to his candidate for president in the last election, just 11 months ago:

Of course, Solyndra Phil would surely be more competitive than Hillary Clinton, right?  Why, he might even be able to put Polk County back in the win column for the Dems.

We can’t wait.


Brokeback Bob

David Plazas

Plazas to Corker: “I just can’t quit you!”

It wasn’t that long ago when any elected official with a “R” next to his or her name could expect the “journalists” at The TenneCNN to attack them at every turn.  While liberal vitriol for Republicans is still the newspaper’s default position when covering the huge majority of GOPers, The TennessCNN makes special exceptions for select RINOs whom they love.

And they sure love them some Bob Corker.

Look no further than the recent editorial written by political editor David Plazas, lauding Corker for dissing Trump (naturally).  It was a mushy paean to their new-found admiration for Corker, praising him with such bon mots as “[Corker] is truly interested in being a statesman who puts America first,” and “Corker’s retirement is courageous.”

All that was missing was the corsage and a room at the Vanderbilt Plaza for after the prom.

But enough of all this thinly veiled sexual inyourendo.  Corker is clearly trying to curry favor with the MSM by trashing Trump.  Why?  It’s simple.  Corker has left a trail of sketchy business deals stretching back to when he first went to the Senate.  Rumors of investigations by the Securities & Exchange Commission as well as serious questions about a slimy shopping center deal in Mobile, AL have only intensified in the days leading up to and after Corker’s current spat with Trump.  Corker is in trouble and is seeking diversion and protection from the MSM.  But a retirement announcement and a couple of petulant tweets are not going to make Bob’s problems go away.

Every time something new crawls out from under one of Corker’s rocks, look for him to run out and say something nasty about Trump.

And look for Plazas to show up at Corker’s door with flowers, candy, glowing editorials and God knows what else.

Widdle Bob.


Last night, RTP posted its take on the Trump/Corker feud.  Included in that analysis was that Trump may have “hurt Bob’s widdle feelings.”

Then less than 12 hours later, POTUS tweets about “Liddle Bob.”

Coincidence?  We think not.

In fact, Rocky Top has been referring to the diminutive senator as “Little Bob” for months, and for good reason.

It’s nice to see the President noticed.


So Is Todd Womack Lying Through His Teeth?

After the shi-, uh, tweet storm of the last 24 hours between President Trump and soon-to-be-ex-Senator Bob Corker, the crew here at RTP would like to try to help you make sense of it all.

The MSM would have you believe that the Brave Sir Corker, having recently announced his retirement, was now free to move about the country and take pot-shots at the President.  How noble!  How enlightened! What a Hero!

What a load of crap.

The first thing we noticed was that Corker is now proven to be a two-faced political coward of the swamp kind.  As long as Trump could give him something – like, say Secretary of State or an endorsement to try and avoid a primary opponent – the Bobster was more than happy to sublimate his true feelings for Trump and be a bootlicker of the first order. Of course, Bob being Bob, there were occasional times when his disdain for Trump oozed through.  “Not qualified” and “not competent” and “out of control” are recent phrases by Corker about Trump that come to mind.

When it became apparent that all the sucking up that Corker could suck would not be enough for an endorsement or position, Bob realized the jig was up.  After the Breitbart stories about financial corruption and polls that showed Corker was about as popular among Tennessee Republicans as a painful rectal itch, Corker decided to call it a day and put on his cloak of self-righteousness and run to the welcoming arms of the MSM:  “You know all that stuff I said about being a conservative, supporting our president, and such?  Well, I lied.”

But Bobby was not finished – oh no.  He continued to lie.  After Trump shoved a few tweets up the Little Napoleon’s bum (he had to shove low), Corker fired back and said Trump needed adult day-care and told the New York Times that Trump could start World War III.  So does that mean Corker — who made the disastrous Iran deal possible — has been sitting on this information about Armageddon all this time?  So if Trump hadn’t tweeted nasty things and hurt Bob’s widdle feelings, the diminutive senator would have been content to carry own while keeping the rest of in the dark about the approaching holocaust?

Brave, brave Sir Corker.

Todd Womack

To further illustrate his lack of principle and self-serving persona, instead of saying it himself Corker trotted out his long-time aide Todd Womack.   Womack served up claims that Trump had tried to talk Corker into running again, made numerous endorsement offers and even said he would name Corker the Duchess of York (okay, we made up that last part.  What he actually offered Corker was the coaching job at UT).

The soon-to-be-unemployed Womack has been Corker’s lackey for at least 16 years, all while living on the taxpayer’s dime.  So Corker had Womack say things that could well be lies, knowing that (a) no one could prove he was lying and (b) even if he is, the MSM would undoubtedly refuse to cover it since Bob was now one of their shills against Trump.

So unless Todd Womack can offer up recordings, documents, independent third-party witnesses, etc., RTP reserves the right to infer that he is a bald-face liar.

Oh, and Todd, if you or the senator are tempted to tweet out a response to all this, know that RTP is not on Twitter (or Facebook, etc.), so don’t waste your time.  And while you’re at it, Todd, remember the $1million+ in mortgages that you took out in one year while your only income was your senate staff salary as well as the curious real estate purchases you made around the time of the Volkswagen announcement? That’s all still out there waiting for someone to write a story about it.

And somebody probably will.

Somebody like Breitbart.


The Establishment Squeals


Trump Revolution hits Tennessee.  Bob Corker, Bill Haslam, Kim Kaegi are the latest victims.

End of an era as desperate Establishment Republicans find bench is empty, forced to recruit a re-tread.

A week ago, RTP went after Bob Corker.  He retired.

Then this week Rocky Top pointed out the fallacies in a potential Bill Haslam candidacy.  Within hours, he declined to run for the Senate (much to the surprise of Lamar! And Little Bob – more on that in later posts).

By now, loyal readers of RTP (both of them) must be asking themselves:  Is Rocky Top THAT good?

To that, we say: Yes. Yes we are.

Now don’t get us wrong.  The articles by Breitbart and the Tennessee Star may have had something to do with the Demise of The Establishment Candidates, but we are more than willing to take credit far beyond our actual contributions.  We would express remorse over our over-reach, but we just can’t stop grinning.

(We pause here to express our deepest sympathy to uber-fundraisier, Kim Kaegi, who lost two of her biggest clients in the last week:  Corker and Haslam.  And the 2020 prospects of her other big revenue stream – Lamar! – ain’t looking so good either these days.  Late word is Kaegi has signed up with Steve Fincher.  Congrats to Kim.  But she will find raising money for a political has-been isn’t nearly as easy as raising bucks for senate committee chairmen and incumbent governors.)

So NOW what?

Well, Marsha went from not running 10 days ago, to being the front runner overnight.  Joe Carr went from an asterisk to being completely inconsequential.  Andy Ogles is technically still in the Senate race, but no one expects him to survive October, maybe not even the weekend.

As we write this, the Establishment has settled on political re-tread Steve Fincher as their senate candidate.  Fincher will announce next week and rumors are he will be campaigning with his best buddy, Nancy Pelosi (much more on THAT relationship in future posts).

Mark Green is running for Blackburn’s house seat and everyone in Williamson County is sipping wine and knoshing brie while trying to figure out if someone from Tennessee’s nosebleed country will run against the man who once spent a special night with Saddam Hussein.


We’ll end for now, because we are just too damned exhausted from all the winning.

“Say, Bro, about that whole fraud thingy…”

Question asked.  Question answered.

A few days ago RTP asked a rhetorical question:  “Would Bill Haslam announce for the senate before, or after his brother was indicted for fraud.”

We may now have our answer:  Before.

Multiple sources are telling us Haslam will make some sort of announcement by Friday.  We are assuming he is running.

And to put the expected announcement into context, the helpful folks here at Rocky Top provide one of our expert and insightful analyses of the news from the last 24 hours.  The biggest news, of course, is that Warren Buffet is buying out the Haslams’ ownership of the family business, Pilot/Flying J.  Why is that important, you ask?  Well, we’ll tell you.

Despite all the happy talk surrounding the announcement, there is a cold hard reality and likely reason as to why the deal was announced now.  Simply put, the Haslam’s are “getting their affairs in order” in the event Bill runs for the senate and Jimmy has to do a perp walk for the multi-million dollar fraud committed by his company.  That fraud has already netted more than a dozen indictments and/or convictions.  The last of the Pilot senior managers who have not yet pled guilty or worked a plea bargain are scheduled to go to trial in just a few days.  IF that trial takes place (an open question because the defendants may cooperate at the last minute), look for lots of embarrassing information about the Haslam family to spew forth.  And if the defendants work out deals, look for them to serve up Jimmy Haslam on a platter to the Feds.

Don’t think for a second the Sage of Omaha is not aware of the coming Haslam family troubles and don’t think for another second that, possessed with the knowledge, he did not negotiate a sizable discount on his purchase of Pilot stock.  From the Haslams’ position, taking a haircut from Warren Buffet is preferable to having your head lopped off in the market place if your chairman gets indicted.  Better to cut your losses while you can.  Just try cutting a complicated deal to sell billions in shares when you’re dressed in an orange jumpsuit.  Warren Buffet didn’t get to be so damn rich for not knowing how the game is played.

As for The Kid brother, Bill would much rather announce now than to wait while the sordid legal drama plays out in the courts.  He’s betting Tennesseans will be too stupid to put everything together and figure out the Haslams have serious ethical, moral and legal problems that make the late, great Bob Corker’s financial shenanigans pale in comparison.  Using Warren Buffet’s money to buy up every available advertising spot in the Volunteer State will not just be a political strategy – it will be a political necessity.

Yeah, GOP voters are likely to figure out it’s difficult to drain the swamp when you keep stocking it with avaricious alligators like the Haslams.

One final note:  If Bill Haslam thinks he is going to skate by pretending he had no knowledge of his brother’s actions, he is seriously deluded.  To illustrate that point, we will leave you with a fresh question, a version of the famous interrogatory once posed by the late Howard Baker:

“What did the Governor know, and when did he know it?”

Stay tuned to Rocky Top for answers.

Chickens are looking for their home roost as we speak.

So Bill Haslam may run for the Senate.

Question:  Will his announcement come BEFORE or AFTER his brother is indicted for fraud?

When you are worth a gazillion dollars, your family owns an NFL team and you are sitting in the governor’s chair, you can excuse one for thinking one’s excrement is odorless.

But Bill Haslam is in for a very rude shock if he thinks he can just effortlessly slide into the U.S. Senate by utilizing the strategy employed by Hillary (“It’s Her Turn”) Clinton.

In just a couple of weeks, the Haslam Family business is going to go on trial.  And logic would indicate that the defendants in that trial are likely tripping over each other trying to be the first to cut a deal with prosecutors to roll over on the only senior Pilot executive who has not been indicted or pled guilty – Jimmy Haslam.  This could get real ugly real fast.  And such a political tsunami is likely to wash over Bill Haslam’s senate candidacy.

But even a criminal scandal in the family is not likely to be the worst of Bill Haslam’s travails in securing the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Bill, do you remember Donald Trump?

Well President Trump sure as hell remembers you:

“It is time for the good of the nation and the Republican Party for Donald Trump to step aside and let Gov. Mike Pence assume the role as the party’s nominee. If he does not step aside, I will write in a Republican for the office of President.”

— Bill Haslam, Oct. 9, 2016, just 28 days before Donald Trump was elected president.

Yeah, Kid.  Piss off the only candidate in history who won 94 of 95 counties in a contested Tennessee Republican primary.  That’s sure to work ….

To Be or Not to Be.

Bob Corker: “The Lion of the Senate.”

RTP is in the uncomfortable position of agreeing (at least partially) with the miscreants at the Nashville Scene.  Specifically, the column by Betsy (“oh look, I can curse like a sailor – that makes me one of the kool kids”) Phillips who said Bob Corker is a coward if he doesn’t run for re-election.

Let’s make sure we understand Miss Phillips’ motives here.  She hates Bob Corker.  But she hates Donald Trump even more (“Haters gonna hate, hate, hate”).  The only reason she wants Corker to run is because he took some recent nasty shots at Trump and in her perverted antifa view of the world, that makes Corker a friend of the left.  That, plus the fact her Democrat Party couldn’t win this race even if the Republican nominee died two weeks before election day.

But putting aside ulterior motives by the politically-challenged Phillips, she does have a point.

Apparently, all it takes to get Bob Corker to soil himself is a Trump tweet and a brief mention by Steve Bannon.  Who knew it could be that easy?  If we had known, RTP could have forced the Bobster out of the race months ago and avoided his current shameful Hamlet act.

Rocky Top has disagreed on countless issues with the ethically-challenged, morally suspect Little Napoleon senator, but there is one thing we never considered:

We never suspected Corker might be a coward.  Until now.

Now you see it – now you don’t.

The curious case of the altered headline.

A couple of days ago, the Washington Times had this headline:

Within hours, the Times had altered its headline (although the original headline was still embedded in the link):

See the difference?  Alert (or as the alt-left likes to say: “woke”) RTP tipsters contacted our tip line ( and pointed out the change.  A couple offered some theories.  RTP has a theory of its own.

First, no one believes the Washington Times is closely monitoring or covering an obscure, 3-time-loser, perennial candidate like Joe Carr.  It is much more likely the story was planted by one of Carr’s two allies (Judson, check your messages).  But in their haste to promote Carr, they made an amateur mistake — one that could cause the nascent Carr campaign a substantial headache.

Here’s why:  If you go with the first headline, where the Times says Carr “WILL” run against Corker and using Carr’s quotes to confirm this statement, then Carr just formally announced for the Senate.  That could mean under FEC rules, Carr’s T-Bone & Politics fundraiser next week could run into legal problems and/or that the proceeds could not be use by Carr for his campaign or his personal use.  At a minimum. a host of reporting complications would also arise – such as requiring Carr to report on October 15th how much he has actually raised as of September 30th (which would reveal how much – or how little – Carr has raised and what he spent it on)


The Times did not alter its headline on its own.  No, we think that was clearly the result of Carr or his representative hurriedly trying to cover his behind and get back to safer legal ground.

The Times article went on to highlight Carr’s 9-point defeat by Lamar Alexander in 2014, while conveniently ignoring his 32-point loss to Diane Black just last year.

Oopsie, again.

For his part, Carr says he “learned his lesson from 2014” and that he will “have his ducks lined up” this time.  No mention of all the “dead ducks” that floated to the top of his disastrous 2016 congressional race.

All-in-all, a rather inauspicious way to begin one’s campaign – assuming of course that it is actually a real campaign.

“Now you see it – now you don’t”  might be a preview to the Joe CarrWreck for Senate campaign.

Everyone stay calm. All is well.

“Can you hear me NOW, Bob?   Good.”

Bob Corker is trying to pretend nothing is wrong between him and Trump.  But the tire marks on his butt say otherwise.

The predictable TennessCNN trotted out a strange little article yesterday in an obvious attempt to paper over the political problems of their favorite anti-Trump Republican, Sen. Bob Corker.  For his part, Corker is just now realizing he stepped in it with calling the Republican President of the United States “unstable” and “not competent” enough to do his job, ran to The TennessCNN in a comical attempt to pretend things were just hunky-dory between The Donald and himself.

“I doubt that there is a senator in the Senate that has the same kind of relationship that I have with the president.”

Yeah, Bob.  There are two kinds of GOP Senators these days:  (1) Those who get along with the president while avoiding running their mouths and (2) those who the President is inviting voters to remove from the Senate.  You would be in that second category, Bobster.

“Corker said since the exchange on Twitter, he hasn’t spoken to the president directly.”

Really, Bob?  Really?

You may not have said anything to the President in the last couple of weeks, but he sure as hell had a message for you. In less than 167 characters, the President let you know in no uncertain terms he is aware of your attacks on him and made a barely-veiled threat of possible primary opposition for you.  For someone who has not been “in communication” with the president, you sure seem to have a problem sitting down these days.  That’s what happens when POTUS runs a rocket up your keister.

Want to know why Mark Green and Marsha Blackburn are giving serious consideration to running against you in the Republican primary next year?  Look no further than your own mouth.