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“Ice Bitch.”

  In a disturbing development, RTP has learned that a state representative has repeatedly used a derogatory name to reference the director for Legislative Administration, Connie Ridley. In several private meetings, the legislator repeatedly referred to Ridley as the “Ice Bitch.”  And no, Rocky Top is not making this up and it has been confirmed […]

How about a nice Whine with that Lame Duck, Governor?

Gov. Bill Haslam is getting a headstart on becoming the longest-serving lame duck governor in Tennessee history.  It did not take long for his political betters to circle in for the kill. And in a direclty related event, Ron Ramsey reveals he is getting really good at slapping around the governor from one end of […]

Drain the Swamp.

As if we don’t already have enough to do, what with rounding up all the liberals for immediate deportation and forcing college students to make their own beds and wipe their own bottoms.  But now we get yet more information about horny legislators for whom Beth Harwell has covered up. This time it is the […]

Yeah, this ain’t going away.

Could Connie Ridley have some “inappropriate behavior” of her own? While Beth Harwell, Joe McCord and others are busy stonewalling and covering up the latest scandal inside the Speaker’s office, the RTP Merry Band of Tipsters have been hard at work. One tipster sent us a message mentioning Harwell henchman Connie Ridley.  In that message, […]

Y’all come back now, heah?

The Antifa Tourist Guide to Chattanooga According to the political rumor mill, or at least if Joe Carr’s Facebook page is to be believed, the Antifa scumbags are threatening to come to Chattanooga today.  The Alt-left internet was abuzz with suggestions for the anarchists to arm themselves and “bring your guns” to Chattanooga: So learning […]

“You put de lime in de coconut, and drink it all up…”

Speaker Jimmy Naifeh had “Naifeh’s Bitches” — a group of eleven RINO Republicans who back in 2003 voted for him for Speaker while trading their vote for various 30 pieces of political silver [credit to Frank Cagle for creating the term “Naifeh’s Bitches.”].  The arrangement was a savvy one for Naifeh because by splitting up […]

The Tennessean Finally Jumps The Shark.

Stop the presses!  Breaking News from the Tennessean!  Extra! Extra! Read all about it! ExclusiveTennessean report reveals someone in Durham campaign reported a contribution to Donald Trump, but didn’t fill out the form correctly! It finally happened.  The Tennessean dropped all pretense of being a legitimate, balanced news source and did the Full Monty by […]

Pissed to the Roots

The original strategy of the HQ conflict-of-interest cabal appeared to be the tried-and-true method of just “riding out” the Taylor Ferrell controversy, hoping everything would calm down eventually and they could get back to lining their own pockets (or that of their wives) while targeting GOP conservative legislators. The Memorial Day weekend was the rumored […]

And now for a short break from the state GOP scandal…

WINNERS AND LOSERS ….in this year’s General Assembly.     AFP and Andy Ogles. When it looked like the Hall Income Tax repeal was dead on arrival, the AFP crew lathered up the paddles, shocked the thing back to life and Ogles was heard to exclaim in his best Gene Wilder imitation: “It’s ALIVE!”  Much […]

Who’s the dimwit advising Randy Boyd? Oh, wait….

ECDC Commissioner to host fundraiser for Jeb Bush. Bush currently running 6th in the polls — just ahead of George Pataki. Randy Boyd, a Haslam family favorite and business associate, is widely rumored to be positioning himself for state office – most likely governor in 2018 (and is also reputed to be the candidate of […]