He’s a Frothy little Monkey, isn’t he?

Attention whore Justin Jones, gets his feelings hurt.  Good.

JUSTIN JONES — Too pretty for jail?
(Tennessee Star photo used without permission.)

Not satisfied with his previous attempts to become a liberal martyr, Justin Jones (aka Jussie Smollett fanboy) personally assaulted Speaker of the House Glen Casada a few days ago.  He was promptly arrested for throwing a cup of Frothy Monkey coffee on Casada and others when officers on duty decided it was not a good idea to put a foaming-at-the-mouth nutcase screaming “Casada is a racist” on the same elevator.  So Jones hurled his caffeine cup at the Speaker and ended up in handcuffs.

Now comes word that Jones is whining Dist. Attorney General Glenn Funk is not “being fair” by moving to have Jones put in jail for violating his previous bond, which was imposed when he crashed a Blackburn campaign event last fall.

Mean ol’ Funk has hurt Justin’s feewings?  Oh, boo-effin’-hoo.

Jones apparently hopes his political soulmate — notorious racist hoaxer Jussie Smollett – would at least send him a note of sympathy.  Or maybe a lock of his hair.

Jones is an alleged a Vanderbilt divinity student.  We say “alleged” because surely no organization in its right mind and which receives tens of millions of state taxpayer money, would excuse or encourage one of their students to attack the head of the very legislature who can take that money away – would they?

Oh, hell, this is Vanderbilt – what do you think?  The head of the oxymoronically named Vanderbilt Divinity School is a woman who calls herself a “womanist.”  What the heck is a womanist?  Do all Vandy professors sit around all day with a finger up their butts trying to invent new cool progressive titles for themselves?  Oh, hell, this is Vanderbilt – what do you think?

As for Justin, we hear he believes it is time to take his sputtering, er, splattering protest up a notch.

Beware, Mr. Speaker.  Next time he’s going to throw Starbucks at you.

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