Why Guvnah, you’re blushing!

Ah do declare!  I buhlieve it’s a Southern Bill.

A few days ago the Tennessean revealed that it’s continually dwindling staff decided they should spend their time on the most important issue facing our citizens today. Taxes? National Security? Education?  Nah.  What was clearly key to the survival of the Republic was what one might find in an old high school or college yearbook.  Our neighbors next door in Virginia recently discovered all of their statewide elected officials (all Democrats, by the way) had been accused of being either black-face racists, post-birth abortionists or even rapists.

So what might they find if they dug into the old yearbooks of Tennessee politicians from 30 or 40 years ago?  The intrepid reporters drooled at the prospect of uncovering Lamar Alexander’s expired library card from Maryville High School.  Or maybe Tom Ingram’s Home Econ certificate from Lipscomb.  Maybe even Phil Bredesen’s picture as president of the Ham Radio Club in wherever in Massachusetts he came from.

Instead they found a grainy photo of Bill Lee attending a college dance dressed in a Confederate costume.  THE HORROR!

Now if the so-called journalists had done a more thorough job, they might have uncovered more photographs of the governor.  Not to be outdone, the crew here at Rocky Top are on the job!  We were able to uncover another photo of Lee:

(Hint: he’s the one all a-glow and sporting a parasol.)

We understand David Plaza has already framed our photograph and hung it over his bed.

Frankly, my dears, we don’t give a damn.

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