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Why Guvnah, you’re blushing!

Ah do declare!  I buhlieve it’s a Southern Bill.

A few days ago the Tennessean revealed that it’s continually dwindling staff decided they should spend their time on the most important issue facing our citizens today. Taxes? National Security? Education?  Nah.  What was clearly key to the survival of the Republic was what one might find in an old high school or college yearbook.  Our neighbors next door in Virginia recently discovered all of their statewide elected officials (all Democrats, by the way) had been accused of being either black-face racists, post-birth abortionists or even rapists.

So what might they find if they dug into the old yearbooks of Tennessee politicians from 30 or 40 years ago?  The intrepid reporters drooled at the prospect of uncovering Lamar Alexander’s expired library card from Maryville High School.  Or maybe Tom Ingram’s Home Econ certificate from Lipscomb.  Maybe even Phil Bredesen’s picture as president of the Ham Radio Club in wherever in Massachusetts he came from.

Instead they found a grainy photo of Bill Lee attending a college dance dressed in a Confederate costume.  THE HORROR!

Now if the so-called journalists had done a more thorough job, they might have uncovered more photographs of the governor.  Not to be outdone, the crew here at Rocky Top are on the job!  We were able to uncover another photo of Lee:

(Hint: he’s the one all a-glow and sporting a parasol.)

We understand David Plaza has already framed our photograph and hung it over his bed.

Frankly, my dears, we don’t give a damn.

Corker to Hollywood?

Casting call for Virginia drama could put Coker in the spotlight

As the Clown Show that is the Virginia Democratic Party unfolded this past week, we thought the unfolding scandal was just ripe for a Netflix or HBO mini-series.  As of yesterday the Virginia, Cradle of Presidents, has produced three state officials — all Democrats — who are apparently either racists in blackface, racists in KKK garb, a post-birth abortionist and/or a sexual predator.  Damn, we thought, we should have paid closer attention in screenwriting class in college — we could make a mint!

But there are other Tennesseans who might be able to cash in.  So when we stumbled across this on the InterChatNetFace, we got a great idea:

When the casting call goes out for Game of Thrones:  Virginia Edition we don’t know where they can find any dragons, but we gotcher dwarf right here:

And best of all, Bob’s scheduled just recently completely opened up.  He’s tan, rested and just itching for a new gig.

You are welcome, Hollywood.


Road Trip!

Who will be Gov. Lee’s “plus one” at the State of the Union?

Bill Lee has decided to leave Tennessee for a couple days to go to the State of the Union speech in Washington, DC.  Lee probably deserves a short break.  After all, he has been governor for about 2 whole weeks now.  Time to cut loose and recharge the ol’ batteries!  Road trip to D.C.!

But there is a serious question that the Guv will need to answer first.  Will he take a senior staff member with him, and if so, which one?

The two obvious choices are either chief of staff Blake Harris or the new CEO Butch Eley.  But a fair warning to Billy Lee:  you are going to have some explainin’ to do if you take either one of them.  Especially if you have to introduce them to the Prez.

Why, you ask? Well let’s start with Eley.  While President Trump was pulling out all the stops to get Marsha Blackburn (and Bill Lee for that matter) elected, Eley was making large contributions to Marsha’s opponent, Phillary Bredesen.  While Trump was trying to ensure we keep a Republican Senate, Eley was hoping we didn’t and put his money where his heart is.  What is surprising is that Bill Lee put him in charge of the state.  Nothing like thinking you were voting for a conservative Republican, only to have him turn the keys to the car over to a Democrat who spent most of his political career trying to keep Republicans from getting elected.

Then there’s Blake Harris.  Harris lucked into his current job by working for a guy who originally was thought to have no chance of getting elected – but did.

But Harris has an extensive record of being anti-Trump (yeah, the same Trump who carried 93 of Tennessee’s 95 counties).  He was campaign manager for Sen. Ben Sasse – a strong Never-Trumper and he worked for GOP Cong. Martha Robey (AL) who publicly attacked Trump.  And just a few months before he signed on with Bill Lee, Harris spewed out a series of messages that left no one in doubt that he was a virulent opponent to Donald Trump:



And there is Bill Lee himself.  After following Bill Haslam — the only Republican governor to publicly announce he would not vote for Trump – Lee takes office and the first thing he does is hire as his two top staffers people who hate Trump.



Have a nice trip to DC, guys.  Don’t forget to get a selfie with the Donald.