La Raza Randy, por favor.

Boyd Bites the Burrito.  Big time.

[Editors’ Note:  Before we begin, many of our readers (okay, okay, both of our readers) have been wondering what happened to Rocky Top.  Well here is the short answer:  we actually have lives outside of the voyeuristic pleasure many of you get when reading our incendiary columns.  So excuse us for living.

Mrs. Hot Chick just had yet another baby (which leads us to wonder, does Mr. Hot Chick ever give it a rest?), so her contributions have been curtailed until future notice.  As for the other two crew members, we were growing increasingly bored with the whole thing and decided to take a sabbatical to regain our perspective.  That, of course, did not work.

But when the inexecrable Sen. Todd Gardenhire (R-Pissed Off) and Rep, Mark White (R-Ino) decided to make another run at using our tax dollars to reward people for breaking into our country, we decided to rev up the old motor and take them on.

So is this post a return of RTP to the political battles, or is it a one-time tirade?  Who cares?  Enjoy it while you got it.]

Viva La Raza Randy!

or in language Boyd can understand:

“Esto est estupido.  Aparentementa soy un completo idiota,” dijo el Sr. Randy

It didn’t take long for the college tuition subsidies for illegal aliens issue to hit the governor’s race.  That is not surprising.  What is surprising is the how the Diane Black campaign deftly took advantage of the situation as compared to incredibly stupid reaction from the Boyd campaign.

RTP has no favorites in the governor’s race, so we can approach this as objectively as a bunch of political hacks can approach any political subject on a given day.

Black immediately jumped out in front of the issue and declared she would veto the bill brought by Gardenhire and White which would subsidize illegal aliens by giving them in-state tuition rates.  She then trotted out statements and advertising that solidified her opposition.  (For the record, so did Bill Lee, but as Ricky Bobby once said: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”).  Beth Harwell reinvigorated the Bathroom Caucus by characteristically remaining silent and on the sideline any time a controversy emerges.  “The signs are everywhere,” Beth.  And your cowardice on this issue is perhaps the biggest sign your campaign is going nowhere.

But not Randy Boyd. Oh, nooo.  El Jefe Randy probably should have remained at least quiet on the subject, given his history of bankrolling illegal alien project (i.e., $250,000 in personal contributions for La Raza-supported training programs that help teach illegals how to take American restaurant jobs), Senior Randy just had to open his mouth and let loose with this little gem:

“We need to bring more people in to the state of Tennessee, and I want to bring people in … from wherever in the world they want to come from.” 


Maybe El Gobernador wannabe Randy did not get the message that his campaign’s internal polling has been screaming at him:  taxpayer-funded subsidies for illegals is a devastatingly bad issue for any GOP candidate who embraces it.  And while trying to filibuster his response to avoid taking a firm stand, Boyd just can’t seem to stop talking.  Look for Black to take his above statement and wrap it around his neck like a cheap serape.

Adios, Senor Randy.

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