Too widdle, too late.


Time to stick a fork in the Cork?

The slow strip tease that is the Corker “reconsideration dance” is starting to wear thin.  Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has now said that he “has no problem” with Marsha Blackburn’s chances at keeping the senate seat in the Republican column, undermining Coker’s “will he?/won’t he?” act.  Even the pollster who released numbers purporting to show Blackburn losing to Bredesen by 2 points, which the Corker people promoted as proof that he needed to get into the race, did a major backtrack on his on poll.

Blackburn has made it clear she won’t roll over for Corker and the recent polls show she would beat him handily.  And observers find it hard to believe that Corker – absent some sort of “Roy Moore” opposition research on Blackburn – would be willing to risk his place in history as well as his enormous ego by getting his butt kicked by the “Brentwood Barbie.”

RTP sources in DC say that earlier in the week, Corker was seen running down to the White House to see if Trump would weigh in.  There are media reports that he met with Ivanka Trump, but the Trumps apparently declined to get involved (gee, we wonder why).

We predict this will all come to a head within just a few days, with Corker once again “coming up short

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