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Corker Caught.

Corker trades tax vote for a personal financial windfall?

Rolling Stone rolls all over Corrupt Bob.

Chickens Coming Home to Roost.

We told you so.

Over a year ago, Rocky Top Politics launched a series outlining the myriad of activities in which Sen. Bob Corker has apparently abused the financial and political system to enrich himself while he has been a senator.  He did this through complicated financial deals that hid his personal indebtedness, fraudulent and misleading Senate financial disclosure filings, using information gained from his position on the Senate Banking Committee to short the nation’s housing market (making tens of millions of dollars in the process), questionable stock trades in a company with which he had extensive personal connections and sleazy shopping mall real estate deals that has and will put millions of dollars of taxpayer money into his own pockets.

Yep, RTP’s expose was groundbreaking and damning.  Which of course meant it was studiously and completely ignored by the mainstream media.

But every dog may get his day, and now it appears the crew here at Rocky Top is getting ours.

It all began with what the denizens of The Swamp (i.e., Washington) are now referring to as the “Corker Kickback.”  Over the last several months Corker decided to carve out a new political future by gratuitously slamming President Trump, a man in whose rear Corker stuck his nose up to the hilt to try and gain a major appointment from the president.  Trump was having none of it and turned away Bob time and again.  Corker then launched into one of his patented snit fits and began trying to exact revenge by going after Trump every chance he got.  Hilariously, all his efforts got him were approval numbers among Tennessee Republicans that rivaled those of Hillary Clinton and the announcement he was retiring from the senate (before the voters had the opportunity to through his sorry ass out).

But such self-serving efforts by Corker did not go totally unrewarded. To encourage him for attacking Trump, the liberal MSM began heaping lavish praise on Brave, Brave Sir Robert, placing their collective noses with Bob’s derriere in the same position as Bob did with Trump.  The most egregious of the brown-nosers was David Plazas of the TennessCNN, who wrote slobbering wet kisses in the form of multiple columns, praising Corker for his new-found “wokeness.” Other reporters regularly demonstrated their new undying love of convenience for the diminutive junior senator.

[Editor’s note: Plazas now looks like the biggest fool in Tennessee politics – but we guess we were expecting so much more from someone who was not born or raised in Tennessee, didn’t go to school in Tennessee, who never before worked in Tennessee, but lowered himself to move to Tennessee with his hubby in tow to “educate” the ignorant hillbillies.]

When Corker became the lone Republican senator to vote against the president’s tax reform bill, the liberal media nearly had an orgasm extolling Corker’s “statesmanship” and “courage, “and “blah, blah, blah.”

And then it all blew up overnight.

Corker the Statesman – who had vowed on the alter that he would “never vote for a tax bill if it raised the deficit one cent” — took less than a week to completely reverse himself, and vote FOR the tax reform bill.

So Wha’ Happened?

It took almost no time for reporters to inconveniently notice that someone had mysteriously and anonymously put in a teensy-weensy little provision that resulted in Corker and some of his closest friends becoming the personal beneficiaries of millions of dollars in tax breaks.  OOPS!

Corker:  Who are you going to believe – me or your lying eyes?

As word spread across The Swamp, Corker went into panicked damage control mode and tried to cover his sorry ass with an ever-expanding, ever-changing number of excuses as to why what looked to everyone but Bob to be a slimy, sleazy, corrupt bargain, wasn’t actually what it looked like.  Some highlights from the 2017 Bob Corker C.Y.A. Tour:

  1. “I didn’t write that amendment to the bill.  I wasn’t even on the committee.”

Nice try, Senator.  Everyone on the current RTP crew has experience in Nashville and/or Washington and we know how it works.  No, you probably didn’t write the language putting money in your pocket, because senators almost never actually “write” such language.  They leave that to staff, or better yet, verbally and privately ask a buddy on the Finance Committee to drop it into the bill in exchange for doing him or her a solid on the back end with a favor for them on a later vote.  It’s sleazy.  It’s dishonest.  It’s Corker.

  1. “It wasn’t a large sum.  It would mean less than $175,000 a year to me.”

Hey, asshole.  Check the average income in Tennessee.  It’s a mite less than $175,000, you arrogant little twit

  1. “Sen. Corker came into the senate a wealthy man and he will leave the senate a wealthy man.”

Well whoopty-freakin’-doo, little man.  Seriously?  That is a honest to God quote from Corker’s spokesperson from just a couple of days ago.  Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness.

Corker then ran to Sen. Orrin Hatch of the Finance Committee who dutifully wrote a carefully-worded “hall pass” of absolution, which Corker than ran out to four network talk shows saying “See, see?  This proves I’m not the lying little weasel that appears to all the world that I actually am.”  Does Corker’s own words and behavior look like the actions of an innocent man or the actions of a sniveling, self-serving piece of Weinstein?  We report, you decide.

But such inside dealing was not the worst part of Corker’s Very, Very Bad, No Good, Lousy Week.  After hosing his new-found friends among the left-wing news media by doing an about face (or was it “two-faced”) reversal and voting for the bill he had just voted against days before, it took no time at all for the left-leaning media to body slam Corker to the ground for his perfidy.  This from last Friday (12/22/2017):

Bob Corker Corrupt?  What a surprise.

WOW!  You have GOT to read the whole thing.  It appears the left-leaning Rolling Stone has revealed Corker in flagrante delecto (that’s Latin for “caught with his pants down”) and they appear to be hot on the trail of other Corker Capers.  Beware the woman — or liberal outlet — scorned.  Corker better pray there are not other publications working on similar stories.

If all this sounds familiar, it should.  Rocky Top Politics wrote about it first.



More on the Corker Kickback and the people who may face seriously ethics and legal problems for doing business with a corrupt politician.  Perp-walk anyone?

Rocky Top hits Rock Bottom.

UT search for a head coach riles political leaders, fans and more.

Okay, the first clue that Ohio State asst. coach Greg Schiano was not a wise choice to be the Vols next head football coach, might have been his connection to  the worse scandal in college football history — the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky Pedophilia crime.

This was the headline from the Washington Post from July 2016:

Oh, and let’s make sure our friends in the MSM sports world and the hard-left leaning/failing ESPN apologists understand what we are talking about. Schiano was involved.  We ignorant hillbillies just didn’t know about it until deposition transcripts were released last year and Vol fans discovered that info on Sunday.  Schiano was described by a fellow Penn State coach as “ashen faced”when he saw coach Sandusky (who is now in prison) doing unspeakably horrible things to a young boy in the Penn State locker room showers.  Schiano latter denied it in a tweet, but not under oath.  He didn’t resign at the time and there is no record of him every reporting the crime to the police.  What a guy!  He is just the sort of mentor of young athletes that every parent wants guiding their sons on the gridiron!

But the geniuses in the UT administration thought that PEDOPHILIA issues were just water under the bridge.  NO problem.  Will never come up.

That is until the customer base of the wealthiest football program in the SEC (aka, Vol fans) rose up in justifiable indignation and demanded the deal that had been crafted in secret be trashed.  It took all of about 3-4 hours to accomplish that last Sunday afternoon.

Thank God for “ignorant rednecks” who still possess a moral compass.

Soon-to-be-ex-Athletic Director John Currie and other UT leaders were gob-smacked.  Why, hadn’t they received the enthusiastic endorsement for Schiano from Jimmy Haslam (who once had Schiano as one of his two finalists for the head coaching job for the Cleveland Browns)?  Considering the abysmal record of the Browns over the last two years, may a pedophile enabler would have been the better choice.  This is the same Haslam who jammed through the hiring of Disastrous Dereck Dooley as head coach a few years ago.  And who reportedly signed-off on the hiring of Cincinnati’s Butch Jones.  (What is it with all these people with Ohio connections?  What did Tennessee ever do to piss off Ohio?).

And isn’t Jimmy Haslam’s brother Gov. Bill “Kid” Haslam the chairman of the university’s Board of Trustees?  “Slam dunk”, right?  Except that particular sports metaphor is a basketball term.  And this is Futball, dammit!

And we would be remiss if we did not mention that 4 of the 5 Republican governor candidates issued releases last Sunday condemning the proposed hiring of Schiano. One GOP candidate did not — Randy Boyd.  The same Randy Boyd who is the business partner of — wait for it — Jimmy Haslam.  See a pattern here?  Maybe Chip should tell Randy that checking your manhood at the door because the Haslams want you too is not a particularly good way to instill confidence in your ability to lead Tennessee as governor, especially the 100,000 voters who regularly show up at Neyland Stadium.

Currie claimed he thoroughly vetted Schiano before his secret offer of the job.  What did he use to uncover Schiono’s background — a Ouija Board??  Every member of the RTP crew googled “Schiano Sandusky Penn State”  and immediately got multiple disgusting hits.  Currie apparently used tea leaves and rune sticks.  And now Tennessee’s name is smeared because of his incompetence and/or willful ignorance.