What happens in Virginia, stays in Virginia.

Fincher campaign consultant big loser in recent Virginia elections.

25-year incumbent conservative (and Tommy Hopper client) loses to a transgender left-wing nut job.

Virginia Republicans weren’t the only ones disappointed with last month’s elections in that state.  Senate candidate Stephen Fincher must have been concerned about the performance of his campaign consultant, Tommy “GOP Money Pigs” Hopper.  (Hopper got that nickname when, as state GOP chairman he referred to the party’s largest and most loyal contributors as “GOP money pigs.”  He was soon thrown out of the chairman’s office).  Hopper was providing strategy and other services for a number of races in the Old Dominion.

All of them came up losers.

Former/current male/female rock band singer and reporter – now – member of the VA legislature

The most ignominious defeat was when long-time Del. Bob McDonald, arguably the most conservative Republican in the Virginia House, lost to the nation’s first transgender legislator.  The transgender candidate leads a professional heavy metal band and was a former newspaper reporter (well of course he/she was a reporter).  Yet Hopper couldn’t come up with a strategy to beat her?

Such a defeat must have even Hopper wondering about his political masculinity.

Anyone can have a bad year, but it seems that Hopper is having a bad couple of years. Hopper was also the consultant last election to Brian Kelsey in his race for Fincher’s old congressional seat.  Kelsey & Hopper spent a cool $1,000,000 in the primary.  And Kelsey came in 4th in that race.

Maybe Fincher doesn’t seem too worried because he thinks Tom Ingram is always available to try for one of his patented “4th quarter comebacks” (like he did for Corker in 2006 and Lamar in 2014).  We would advise Hopper to start looking over his shoulder.  But maybe he would be worrying about nothing.  There are plenty of other candidates out there who are going to lose in 2018.  And they all could use a consultant like Hopper.

Perhaps Tommy-boy can convince someone to “crossover” and become a Republican.  After the Virginia election, he’s a bona fide expert in “gender-fluid” party affiliations.

We hear Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is available.

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