Bring it on, Solyndra Phil

She’s with…

Word is former Gov. Phil Bredesen is thinking about running for Coker’s seat in the U.S. Senate.  To which our first reaction was: “You mean he’s still alive?”

If he won, Bredesen would be pushing 75 by the time he was sworn in.  In fairness, that would make him a regular “spring chicken” compared to some of his colleagues, but still….

Bredesen’s biggest problem would not be his age.  Voters would be much more interested in his thoughts on:

  • The TNInvestco boondoggle that saw hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars go to many of his cronies to create “start-ups” many of which have returned little or nothing in the way of the permanent jobs they were supposed to create.
  • $328 million dollars in economic development incentives of taxpayer’s money pissed down a rat hole by Bredesen to attract two solar industry semiconductor factories. Both went belly up, leaving Tennessee taxpayers holding the bag.  Within days of leaving the governor’s office, the two Bredesen top economic development cabinet members who oversaw the handout to the failed factories, opened a – surprise! — solar company with a major investment from – surprise!– Bredesen.  This was all a part of the overall “green jobs” scams promoted by the Obama administration that lost billions of dollars in “crony capitalism” handouts to their political friends, of which Solyndra was the largest bankruptcy.
  • How would Phil vote for New York’s Chuck Schumer for Majority Leader?
  • Would he have voted for Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court?
  • Enlighten us as to his position on DACA, the Wall, tax subsidies for tuition for illegal aliens and other immigration issues

And, of course, we would be remiss if we did not point out that politics in Tennessee has changed just a tad in the 16 years since Solyndra Phil ran in his last competitive election.  While it is true that Bredesen has a sizeable fortune he could spend on the race, he needs to look no further than next door in the recent Alabama senate race to see what outspending your opponent 30-to-1 can get you.  The soon-to-be-former Senator Luther Strange can clue him in on the new paradigm.

Bredesen also told the AP he was going to “do some research” in order to make his decision.  Here is RTP’s helpful “research” map to remind Phil what happened to his candidate for president in the last election, just 11 months ago:

Of course, Solyndra Phil would surely be more competitive than Hillary Clinton, right?  Why, he might even be able to put Polk County back in the win column for the Dems.

We can’t wait.

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