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David Plazas

Plazas to Corker: “I just can’t quit you!”

It wasn’t that long ago when any elected official with a “R” next to his or her name could expect the “journalists” at The TenneCNN to attack them at every turn.  While liberal vitriol for Republicans is still the newspaper’s default position when covering the huge majority of GOPers, The TennessCNN makes special exceptions for select RINOs whom they love.

And they sure love them some Bob Corker.

Look no further than the recent editorial written by political editor David Plazas, lauding Corker for dissing Trump (naturally).  It was a mushy paean to their new-found admiration for Corker, praising him with such bon mots as “[Corker] is truly interested in being a statesman who puts America first,” and “Corker’s retirement is courageous.”

All that was missing was the corsage and a room at the Vanderbilt Plaza for after the prom.

But enough of all this thinly veiled sexual inyourendo.  Corker is clearly trying to curry favor with the MSM by trashing Trump.  Why?  It’s simple.  Corker has left a trail of sketchy business deals stretching back to when he first went to the Senate.  Rumors of investigations by the Securities & Exchange Commission as well as serious questions about a slimy shopping center deal in Mobile, AL have only intensified in the days leading up to and after Corker’s current spat with Trump.  Corker is in trouble and is seeking diversion and protection from the MSM.  But a retirement announcement and a couple of petulant tweets are not going to make Bob’s problems go away.

Every time something new crawls out from under one of Corker’s rocks, look for him to run out and say something nasty about Trump.

And look for Plazas to show up at Corker’s door with flowers, candy, glowing editorials and God knows what else.

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