So Is Todd Womack Lying Through His Teeth?

After the shi-, uh, tweet storm of the last 24 hours between President Trump and soon-to-be-ex-Senator Bob Corker, the crew here at RTP would like to try to help you make sense of it all.

The MSM would have you believe that the Brave Sir Corker, having recently announced his retirement, was now free to move about the country and take pot-shots at the President.  How noble!  How enlightened! What a Hero!

What a load of crap.

The first thing we noticed was that Corker is now proven to be a two-faced political coward of the swamp kind.  As long as Trump could give him something – like, say Secretary of State or an endorsement to try and avoid a primary opponent – the Bobster was more than happy to sublimate his true feelings for Trump and be a bootlicker of the first order. Of course, Bob being Bob, there were occasional times when his disdain for Trump oozed through.  “Not qualified” and “not competent” and “out of control” are recent phrases by Corker about Trump that come to mind.

When it became apparent that all the sucking up that Corker could suck would not be enough for an endorsement or position, Bob realized the jig was up.  After the Breitbart stories about financial corruption and polls that showed Corker was about as popular among Tennessee Republicans as a painful rectal itch, Corker decided to call it a day and put on his cloak of self-righteousness and run to the welcoming arms of the MSM:  “You know all that stuff I said about being a conservative, supporting our president, and such?  Well, I lied.”

But Bobby was not finished – oh no.  He continued to lie.  After Trump shoved a few tweets up the Little Napoleon’s bum (he had to shove low), Corker fired back and said Trump needed adult day-care and told the New York Times that Trump could start World War III.  So does that mean Corker — who made the disastrous Iran deal possible — has been sitting on this information about Armageddon all this time?  So if Trump hadn’t tweeted nasty things and hurt Bob’s widdle feelings, the diminutive senator would have been content to carry own while keeping the rest of in the dark about the approaching holocaust?

Brave, brave Sir Corker.

Todd Womack

To further illustrate his lack of principle and self-serving persona, instead of saying it himself Corker trotted out his long-time aide Todd Womack.   Womack served up claims that Trump had tried to talk Corker into running again, made numerous endorsement offers and even said he would name Corker the Duchess of York (okay, we made up that last part.  What he actually offered Corker was the coaching job at UT).

The soon-to-be-unemployed Womack has been Corker’s lackey for at least 16 years, all while living on the taxpayer’s dime.  So Corker had Womack say things that could well be lies, knowing that (a) no one could prove he was lying and (b) even if he is, the MSM would undoubtedly refuse to cover it since Bob was now one of their shills against Trump.

So unless Todd Womack can offer up recordings, documents, independent third-party witnesses, etc., RTP reserves the right to infer that he is a bald-face liar.

Oh, and Todd, if you or the senator are tempted to tweet out a response to all this, know that RTP is not on Twitter (or Facebook, etc.), so don’t waste your time.  And while you’re at it, Todd, remember the $1million+ in mortgages that you took out in one year while your only income was your senate staff salary as well as the curious real estate purchases you made around the time of the Volkswagen announcement? That’s all still out there waiting for someone to write a story about it.

And somebody probably will.

Somebody like Breitbart.


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