The Establishment Squeals


Trump Revolution hits Tennessee.  Bob Corker, Bill Haslam, Kim Kaegi are the latest victims.

End of an era as desperate Establishment Republicans find bench is empty, forced to recruit a re-tread.

A week ago, RTP went after Bob Corker.  He retired.

Then this week Rocky Top pointed out the fallacies in a potential Bill Haslam candidacy.  Within hours, he declined to run for the Senate (much to the surprise of Lamar! And Little Bob – more on that in later posts).

By now, loyal readers of RTP (both of them) must be asking themselves:  Is Rocky Top THAT good?

To that, we say: Yes. Yes we are.

Now don’t get us wrong.  The articles by Breitbart and the Tennessee Star may have had something to do with the Demise of The Establishment Candidates, but we are more than willing to take credit far beyond our actual contributions.  We would express remorse over our over-reach, but we just can’t stop grinning.

(We pause here to express our deepest sympathy to uber-fundraisier, Kim Kaegi, who lost two of her biggest clients in the last week:  Corker and Haslam.  And the 2020 prospects of her other big revenue stream – Lamar! – ain’t looking so good either these days.  Late word is Kaegi has signed up with Steve Fincher.  Congrats to Kim.  But she will find raising money for a political has-been isn’t nearly as easy as raising bucks for senate committee chairmen and incumbent governors.)

So NOW what?

Well, Marsha went from not running 10 days ago, to being the front runner overnight.  Joe Carr went from an asterisk to being completely inconsequential.  Andy Ogles is technically still in the Senate race, but no one expects him to survive October, maybe not even the weekend.

As we write this, the Establishment has settled on political re-tread Steve Fincher as their senate candidate.  Fincher will announce next week and rumors are he will be campaigning with his best buddy, Nancy Pelosi (much more on THAT relationship in future posts).

Mark Green is running for Blackburn’s house seat and everyone in Williamson County is sipping wine and knoshing brie while trying to figure out if someone from Tennessee’s nosebleed country will run against the man who once spent a special night with Saddam Hussein.


We’ll end for now, because we are just too damned exhausted from all the winning.

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