Chickens are looking for their home roost as we speak.

So Bill Haslam may run for the Senate.

Question:  Will his announcement come BEFORE or AFTER his brother is indicted for fraud?

When you are worth a gazillion dollars, your family owns an NFL team and you are sitting in the governor’s chair, you can excuse one for thinking one’s excrement is odorless.

But Bill Haslam is in for a very rude shock if he thinks he can just effortlessly slide into the U.S. Senate by utilizing the strategy employed by Hillary (“It’s Her Turn”) Clinton.

In just a couple of weeks, the Haslam Family business is going to go on trial.  And logic would indicate that the defendants in that trial are likely tripping over each other trying to be the first to cut a deal with prosecutors to roll over on the only senior Pilot executive who has not been indicted or pled guilty – Jimmy Haslam.  This could get real ugly real fast.  And such a political tsunami is likely to wash over Bill Haslam’s senate candidacy.

But even a criminal scandal in the family is not likely to be the worst of Bill Haslam’s travails in securing the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Bill, do you remember Donald Trump?

Well President Trump sure as hell remembers you:

“It is time for the good of the nation and the Republican Party for Donald Trump to step aside and let Gov. Mike Pence assume the role as the party’s nominee. If he does not step aside, I will write in a Republican for the office of President.”

— Bill Haslam, Oct. 9, 2016, just 28 days before Donald Trump was elected president.

Yeah, Kid.  Piss off the only candidate in history who won 94 of 95 counties in a contested Tennessee Republican primary.  That’s sure to work ….

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