To Be or Not to Be.

Bob Corker: “The Lion of the Senate.”

RTP is in the uncomfortable position of agreeing (at least partially) with the miscreants at the Nashville Scene.  Specifically, the column by Betsy (“oh look, I can curse like a sailor – that makes me one of the kool kids”) Phillips who said Bob Corker is a coward if he doesn’t run for re-election.

Let’s make sure we understand Miss Phillips’ motives here.  She hates Bob Corker.  But she hates Donald Trump even more (“Haters gonna hate, hate, hate”).  The only reason she wants Corker to run is because he took some recent nasty shots at Trump and in her perverted antifa view of the world, that makes Corker a friend of the left.  That, plus the fact her Democrat Party couldn’t win this race even if the Republican nominee died two weeks before election day.

But putting aside ulterior motives by the politically-challenged Phillips, she does have a point.

Apparently, all it takes to get Bob Corker to soil himself is a Trump tweet and a brief mention by Steve Bannon.  Who knew it could be that easy?  If we had known, RTP could have forced the Bobster out of the race months ago and avoided his current shameful Hamlet act.

Rocky Top has disagreed on countless issues with the ethically-challenged, morally suspect Little Napoleon senator, but there is one thing we never considered:

We never suspected Corker might be a coward.  Until now.

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