Everyone stay calm. All is well.

“Can you hear me NOW, Bob?   Good.”

Bob Corker is trying to pretend nothing is wrong between him and Trump.  But the tire marks on his butt say otherwise.

The predictable TennessCNN trotted out a strange little article yesterday in an obvious attempt to paper over the political problems of their favorite anti-Trump Republican, Sen. Bob Corker.  For his part, Corker is just now realizing he stepped in it with calling the Republican President of the United States “unstable” and “not competent” enough to do his job, ran to The TennessCNN in a comical attempt to pretend things were just hunky-dory between The Donald and himself.

“I doubt that there is a senator in the Senate that has the same kind of relationship that I have with the president.”

Yeah, Bob.  There are two kinds of GOP Senators these days:  (1) Those who get along with the president while avoiding running their mouths and (2) those who the President is inviting voters to remove from the Senate.  You would be in that second category, Bobster.

“Corker said since the exchange on Twitter, he hasn’t spoken to the president directly.”

Really, Bob?  Really?

You may not have said anything to the President in the last couple of weeks, but he sure as hell had a message for you. In less than 167 characters, the President let you know in no uncertain terms he is aware of your attacks on him and made a barely-veiled threat of possible primary opposition for you.  For someone who has not been “in communication” with the president, you sure seem to have a problem sitting down these days.  That’s what happens when POTUS runs a rocket up your keister.

Want to know why Mark Green and Marsha Blackburn are giving serious consideration to running against you in the Republican primary next year?  Look no further than your own mouth.


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