The Fourth Reich will be brought to you courtesy of Lowe’s


(and oddly enough, they smell like Citronella)

One of the bizarre outcomes of the recent rumble in Charlottesville, VA between the odious, mentally-deficient neo-Nazis and their equally violent repugnant socialist/anarchist scumbags was this photo:

Observe the wannabe Adolphs’ attempt to recreate the torchlight parades that terrorized Germany in the 1930’s.  Notice anything different?

They are all carrying Tiki Torches! 

Yes, the backyard lighting preference of everyone who buys their clothes at Sears has made its way into the violent debate between two imbecilic activist groups.  Patios across the mid-Atlantic region went dark because the baby Storm Troopers cornered the market on Tiki Torches from every home project and supply store in a 100 miles radius. What’s next – cross burnings sponsored by Weber grills? Imagine the damage Hitler could have done if he only had a charge card from Home Depot.

On a brighter note, Charlottesville and Albemarle County are now Zika-free.

Good Lord.

So here is the question that no one is asking: “Tell us Rocky Top — how does this all relate to Tennessee?”  Glad you asked…

It took nary a nano-second for the predictable attempts by the nattering nabobs of left-wing apparatchiks here in Big Orange Country to cynically try and capitalize on a disgrace for which the left shared the responsibility.  Yeah.  Uh-huh. That’s right. We said it.  Trump was correct when he declared a pox on both their houses.  The MSM have tried to vilify Trump for having the temerity to state the glaringly obvious, to which we say:  “Keep it up, morons and you will single-handedly get Trump for a second term.

So there the commies were: stinking up the Tennessee state capitol by symbolically pissing on the artistically-challenged Nathan Bedford Forrest statue while blithely ignoring the weight, accuracy and lessons of history as well as our veterans’ sacrifices (again, from both sides).  Word is they are going to take their silly show on the road to Johnson City and demand Washington County change its name (Washington was a slave owner).  Maybe they will burn down Jefferson City along the way (named after another Democrat slave owner) and also tear down the statue of President Andrew Johnson in Greenville.  You know –the guy who helped kick-start Amendments 13 (abolishing slavery), 14 (citizenship for all former slaves) and 15 (giving former slaves the right to vote).  Why go after the Little Tailor?  Because he was a Republican (like Lincoln), or as the left-wing nutcases that rule the Democrat party in this state like to say: “Because, shut up.”

One thing is certain.  Yer not gonna find many mosquitos at the next Mein Kampf Kampfire nor the inevitable accompanying Alt-left counter-spasm.

Now if we can just figure out a way to repel both the alt-right and alt-left idiots away from the Volunteer State.

We recommend roach spray.

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