Where’s the “little brown ones?”


We were just trying to figure out Craig Fitzhugh’s quixotic bid to become the next Democrat nominee to be defeated for governor when the candidate himself announced his candidacy and unveiled his campaign’s logo:

WTF? Was the LGBTQXYZ-whatever rainbow flag copyrighted?  Did Fitzhugh use an unemployed Fisher-Price graphic designer to come up with this masterpiece?  Or maybe he was inspired by the Dippin’ Dots logo?  Our guess is that he, like so many Democrats these days, is just so eat up with political correctness that he and his campaign team were trying to come up with something to invoke “diversity.”  That is the concept wherein white liberals try to demonstrate they are “woke” to the plight of minorities by virtue-signaling their woke-ness with every utterance without a clue as to what they are talking about.

This, of course, is the reason Donald Trump was elected president.

Speaking of presidents, we could not help looking at the Fitzhugh logo without remembering George H.W. Bush’s reference to his grandchildren as “the little brown ones.”  That was when we noticed the Craigster’s logo did not have any brown dots.  Or black dots.  Oops.

Time to “woke-up” there, Craig.

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