Eww, what’s that smell?

Harwell launches race for governor and the first question is: “Why?”

So we couldn’t let Beth Harwell’s entry into the Gubernats race without a couple of snarky comments and observations.  Since we have been living rent-free inside Beth’s head for the last three years, we figure, why stop now?

Beth is reportedly running her campaign out of the bathroom located just off the floor from the House chamber, where she has demonstrated some of her best leadership qualities. The acoustics in the bathroom are not that great, so we couldn’t make out everything Beth said during her announcement, but we got the gist of her strategy:

  • “Support me because I am a woman and Diane Black may get hit by a meteor in the next month and I will be the only woman left in the race, if you don’t count Mae Beavers. Which I don’t.”
  • “All that successful leadership I demonstrated with the Jeremy Durham thingy.”
  • “Randy Boyd is Hispanic.”
  • “If I am not Governor, then I could still be Speaker. Scary, right?
  • “It appears I can be outspent by everyone in the race except Mae Beavers and Jeremy Durham.”

If anyone doubts Beth’s viability, just call Ron Ramsey, Tennessee’s newest lobbyist.  He’ll tell you all about Beth and the Commode Caucus.

Just don’t forget to flush.

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