Giving “Fake News” a bad name.

Okay, now they have resorted to just making stuff up and calling it “news.”

In an astonishing article, the politically compromised liberal political reporters at The TennessCNN  simply parroted a news release from the state Democratic party chair, Mary “Batshit Crazy” Mancini, in which they voiced dismay that a Tennessee state senator had a private meeting with the U.S. Secretary of Education.

We know, right?

How dare someone meet with anyone on some subject and not invite Mancini and the unwashed hordes of biased reporters into the room!  Have they no shame?  Somebody get a rope and let’s lynch the offending individuals!  Haul in the Russians to see if they know what was said in the meeting!  Maybe there is a dossier about urinating prostitutes being circulated by John McCain that can shed some light on the Sen Brian Kelsey/Sec. Betsy DeVos meeting!

What in hell is wrong the people at The TennessCNN?  What self-respecting editor would allow this to get past their desk?  Have the editors all been downsized?  Have the remaining inmates lost all sense of purpose and ethics by publishing this drivel?

The short answer is: “Yes.”


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