Norma Desmond, call your publicist.

To all those wonderful people out there in the dark.  It is I. 

Your  Mayor. 

You know, Mary Barry.

It’s downright amazing what our tipsters can find and shove under our door.  This latest offering is a hilarious/outrageous example of your tax dollars hard at work.

Seems Mayor Mary Barry just can’t get enough of the camera.  In the less than two  years she has been in office, she has had 5314 official photos taken of her, and in case you missed any of them, she had all of them posted at  We haven’t seen that many photos taken of one person since our cousin Lula Mae showed up at the family reunion and took her top off.

It’s a wonder Ms. Barry has had time to do her job as mayor, what with all the photo shoots.  Even so, we don’t believe the rumors that she has had a catwalk installed in her office so the papprazzi can get a better angle.  Meow.

But 5314 photos?  Someone alert Cecil B. DeMille.

Mayor Moonbeam is ready for her close-up.

Bonus Photo!

Any wonder why, as compared to Mayor Diva, there are so few photos of Barry’s husband, Bruce?  Here’s why:

Good grief, the guy looks like Bernie Sanders’ love child.  From his appearance one would think he was a card-carrying fellow traveler of the ACLU and a fuzzy-headed liberal academic left-wing nut.

Oh, wait.  He is.

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