More problems with the Vandy “poll”

Garbage in — Garbage out.

 The Tennessee Star did an outstanding analysis of a recent Vanderbilt poll last week, listing all the reasons it was flawed, biased and political useless.

 But they missed one.  An RTP tipster with way too much free time brought to our attention the following question:

 Q27. How much do you support or oppose a temporary ban on all Muslims traveling to the United States?

 Did you see what they did there?   First they called the Trump executive order a “ban on all Muslims.”  That is a provable and rather obvious lie meant to elicit the response the pointy-headed professors desired.  How can you “ban all Muslims” when nearly 90% of the world’s Muslims are totally unaffected by the temporary travel ban?

And, of course, the profs failed to mention that 6 of the 7 terrorist countries in the ban were identified as such, not by Trump but by Obama.

It costs over $50,000 a year to attend Vanderbilt.  With the intelligentsia producing bogus research like this, a degree from there seems way over-priced.

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