Does Marsha see an opening?

Just hours after Corker takes a cheap shot at Trump, Blackburn enthusiastically defends the President.

The RTP tipline is a-hummin’ over the actions of Sen. Bob Corker.  Seems that when he marched out and pompously declared the White House was in a “downward spiral” and out of control, it launched an immediate backlash that surprised even us (and we are not surprised that easily).

Many tipsters and Republican voters were angry at what they saw as Corker disloyalty and his rush to judgement.  That was an understandable reaction.  But perhaps more interesting was those reactions have been frequently accompanied by calls for Cong. Marsha Blackburn to run against Corker in the primary next year.

The cries for “Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!” could have been the direct result of her immediate and spirited defense of Trump in the face of Corker’s perfidy.  But no one should doubt Blackburn’s political instincts or her personal popularity — not to mention her $4 million federal campaign war chest.

It was a noteworthy and very well-timed defense of the President by the Congressman.

Blackburn for Senate, anyone?

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