Meet the new “Never Trumper.”

When President Trump didn’t give Bob Corker what he wanted, Bob Corker showed his true colors.

As long as Sen Bob Corker thought President Trump could help advance his personal ambitions, he was The Donald’s best friend.  First there was talk of Corker as a running mate for Trump.  That was a non-starter.  Then is was said Corker thought he would make a fine Treasury Secretary.  Trump thought not.  But Corker believed the biggest cabinet prize — Secretary of State — was just made for him.  But in the end it was clear he was never under serious consideration.

And then something else happened.

Corker has long fought to keep Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in receivership and was happy to have their profits stolen from the taxpayers and used to prop up Obama’s lousy health care operation.  By doing so, Corker and his Democrat colleague, Sen. Mark Warner, could promote so-called “GSE reform” that would allow big banks such as Wells Fargo to take over the nation’s mortgage markets and reap billions in profits.

But after a private dinner with the President a couple of weeks ago, Corker emerged surly and peevish.  The day after his one-on-one with the President, Corker went out and made a snide remark about the North Korea briefing Trump held for the Senate.  Many in DC believe Corker was in a snit because at that dinner, Trump likely  told Corker he was going to stop the Obama administration’s ripping off Fannie May and Freddie Mac profits to illegally pay for things like Obamacare.  That would be a big problem for Corker’s GSE legislation and Wells Fargo’s dream of a huge payout.

It got worse:  Corker was demonstrably pissed off over his public run-in with FHFA director Mel Watt last week in which the director confirmed the administration’s  plans to end the GSE rip-off.  Corker asked Watt a couple of snotty questions, then stormed out of the hearing when his attempted baiting of Watt failed.

On Monday, the Washington Post ran a story claiming Trump was spilling state secrets to the Russian ambassador — a story that now appears to be completely “fake news.”  Without even checking out the story, Corker rushed to unleash his anti-Trump inner-self :

“Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee … was unusually sharp in his scolding of the Trump White House.

“Obviously they’re in a downward spiral right now and they’ve got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that’s happened,” he told reporters Monday night. “The chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline is creating an environment that I think makes a worrisome environment.”

Conservative commentator, Laura Ingraham took Corker to task for his cheap shot:

“Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham was not amused, wondering out loud on Fox News Monday night why the senator would be so quick to criticize before hearing an explanation from the White House.”

So did Lou Dobbs:

“Senate GOP in spiral of disloyalty and cowardice.  Corker says White House in ‘downward spiral.'”

Yep, whenever there was a possibility he could be secretary of state or some other high ranking position, Corker acted like he was Trump’s best buddy (although RTP sources inside the White House say there has and continues to be a significant level of distrust when it comes to the ethically challenged Corker).

But with his personal ambitions seemingly blocked at every turn, Corker has returned to form and sought to assuage his own failures with cheap, cowardly attacks against Trump.  Breeding always bears out, and all that.

It is highly unlikely Trump will reward Corker’s disloyalty with anything other than the contempt it deserves.

Enjoy it, Bonaparte Bob.  You’ve earned it.



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