See, we told you so.

White House correspondent says Corker up to his ears in financial corruption.

“Say, Bob. Is that a federal prosecutor hiding in that sand trap?”

Yeah, for RTP there is nothing like the sweet smell of vindication.

The crew here at Rocky Top has been reporting for months about what appeared to be numerous shady deals involving Sen. Bob Corker.  You can see those posts here:

Now comes best-selling author Jerome Corsi (remember John Kerry and the “Swift Boat” scandal?) who writes for and who – thanks to President Trump – is now a credentialed White House press correspondent.  Apparently using similar sources RTP relied on in its reporting, Corsi takes aim at Corker — and how.

RTP loves that in the very first paragraph of his first article on the issue, Corsi refers to Corker as the “Senator from Wells Fargo.”  Gee, we wonder where he got that idea?

— photo compliments of Rocky Top Politics.

What does all this mean?  It means Corker may be in a world of hurt.  Everywhere you turn, you see Corker making deals with either shady characters or just making questionable deals to make money.  He has had to amend his financial disclosure statements 83 times to try and cover his tracks.  As others start to dig into this, here are just some of the pressing questions Corker is going to need to answer:

  • What is the current status of the federal probe into, among other issues, Corker’s involvement with CBL?
  • Does the White House know of these problems (we are betting they do, since Trump passed on naming Corker the Veep or the Secretary of State)?
  • How was Corker, who came into office in what now appears to have been a precarious personal financial situation, able to amass a huge fortune while supposedly working full-time as a U.S. Senator?
  • Why do numerous Corker business transactions and interactions seem to always involve Wells Fargo as a key player?
  • And why is Corker so hell-bent on legislation (the abolition of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) that would result in a massive windfall for Wells Fargo?

You know why, don’t you?

We admit we were surprised a few days ago when Corker told the Gannet/USA Today Tennessean he had made no final decisions about running for re-election.  Could it be he knows something he isn’t sharing with the rest of us?

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