A Corrupt Tax, and they know it.

Boss Doss tells Taxpayers:  “Bend over.”

In what has to be the most egregious and corrupt conflict-of-interest of the year, Barry “Boss” Doss is trying to jam through Haslam’s gas tax despite the state sitting on a $2 billion surplus. In an administration that has become legendary for it’s “crony capitalism” and sweetheart deals for favored business, that’s really saying something. That he and Haslam need Democrats to overcome the opposition against the tax within the House GOP caucus says it all.

What makes this even more insulting to the voters is that Doss owns a  paving company that is pre-certified by the state and TDOT.  Doss Brothers could make tons of money off of state contracts.

And we thought Washington, DC was a swamp.

We can hardly wait for the radio, direct mail, robocalls, push polls and TV ads in the primaries of every Republican voting for this.

Fish in a barrel.



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