Sniffing out a good story…

Why does the news media keep giving itself awards?

Because they can…

In their annual rite of navel-gazing and self-congratulatory adoration, the state’s MSM recently selected one of their own (the Associated Press) to decide which of them was professionally the prettiest.

In the category of Best Political Investigative Journalism, the AP gave the award to the Gannett/USA Today Tennessean‘s Dave Bouchert and Joel Ebert.  Bouchert & Ebert are not to be confused with the famed film critics, Siskel & Ebert.Siskel & Ebert’s highest ranking for movies was “Two Thumbs Up.”

NOT Bouchert & Ebert

In honor of their memory, RTP is awarding Bouchert & Ebert our coveted “Two Thumbs Up Your Butt” award for bringing down a hapless state legislator, Rep. Pants Candy (1 down, only 98 more to go…).  Someone alert the Pulitzer Committee about this duo’s groundbreaking journalism.  Their derring-do is recognized way beyond the pages of the newspaper.  Some say their stories are read as far away as Brentwood and Smyrna.

Of course the AP award would have meant so much more if there were more than just 3 or 4 political reporters left in the state.  But hey — in the news business these days, everybody gets a trophy!

Bouchert & Ebert accepting their award.

“Those guys really have a nose for news,”  said their editor, David Plazas,

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