We have a modest proposal

We were greeted yesterday morning with this 1,000+ word essay from the Tennessean’s “Community Engagement” editor (not to be confused with a “community organizer):

Ever helpful, Rocky Top has an alternate suggestion for President Trump on the occasion of his visit to Nashville:

Trump should use Nashville rally to explain to Plazas where he can stick it.

Alas, if Plazas was only from Tennessee, he might have the ability to figure out that his opinions here are about as welcome (and as useful) as a fart in a spacesuit.

The only place in Tennessee carried by Hillary Clinton was about a three square block in east Nashville and Mayor Barry’s house.  But such a complete and humiliating defeat of the liberal agenda in Tennessee didn’t even slow Plazas down.  No siree, he just dutifully trotted out the same old tired harangues.

But you keep pitching, Davey.  One of these days Gannett is going to lose enough readers that you will have to find another job.  We hear the new Tennessee Star could use a paper delivery boy (oh wait, that’s right….)


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