McCord’s got a brand new gig?

Multiple sources say McCord was “architect” of the House Transportation Committee skullduggery.

mccord-photo-1Rocky Top has been inundated with numerous legislative sources that say the recently “retired” Clerk of the House Joe McCord was the person behind the surprise moves by Rep. John Mark Windle to block the gas tax alternative by Rep. David Hawk.

Seems the Guv was highly pissed that the committee was going to consider Hawk’s version first, which would have put the governor’s proposal in jeopardy.

Enter Joe McCord, a legitimate expert in the arcane world of legislative legerdemain.  He reportedly concocted the maneuver to have the committee adjourn before gas tax opponentscould shove it up the governor’s keister.

Which lead us to a couple of pertinent questions:

  • What is Joe doing for a living these days? Is he a lobbyist?  Is he registered to lobby on the gas tax?  Anybody checked the record?
  • How is Joe’s photography hobby coming along? Taken any “inappropriate” photos lately, Joe?
  • Now that he has more free time, is Joe flipping off random 3-year-olds on the street? little-girl-flpping-off

If she so desired, Speaker Harwell could ban McCord from the LP — assuming, of course, she is not a co-conspirator to McCord’s machinations.

Warning to Beth:  the more McCord hangs around, the more likely it is he will become the subject/target of an ethics investigation.   And the Speaker, of all people, should know how ugly things can get when old bodies are dug up and paraded around.

Just saying…

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