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Harwell Cheats to Help Pass Gas Tax?

A while back, when Haslam’s Obamacare Expansion (which he dubbed “Insure TN”) went down in flames in a senate committee, liberals and the news media swung into full howl and demanded Beth Harwell do something to revive the harwell-mean-look-editedlegislation in the House.  They even paid for a billboard in her district demanding she doharwell-mean-look-edited so.  She demurred.

This year Harwell is trying to make sure her discomfort of presiding over the defeat of the governor’s prime legislation is not repeated.  Now the governor is trying to ram through a gas tax in a big rush (hoping to get it through before the opposition gets organized) and Beth has apparently put her thumb on the scales of the legislative process.  Actually she has put her thumb, hand, an arm, a leg and a case of coconut water on the scales just to make sure the tax increase moves right along.

Earlier today, in one of the infamous “committee planning meetings” which leadership uses to wire ahead for votes and sniff out opponents, it leaked out that Harwell intends to bastardize the entire committee process.  It appears she is going to yank the gas tax bill of the House transportation sub-committee, where its passage is in dire jeopardy, and take it straight to the full transportation committee, where she and the governor have enough votes for a cram down.

As usual, RTP has many sources and tipsters, one of whom generously shared the moment in the meeting where Rep. Barry Doss hilariously fumbles around and kinda, sorta admits that such skullduggery might be in the works and he will be sure let someone know something, someday if he ever finds out more information.  Maybe.

Yep, the Harwell Fix appears to be in.

So Beth is abusing the system to get her way and that of the governor?  Gee, what a surprise.  It wasn’t like they weren’t warned that the New & Improved Beth who ran for re-election as Speaker was nothing more than B.S. to get re-elected.  We bet now a lot of legislators wish they had voted for Jimmy Matlock.

Enjoy the Speaker of Sleaze as well as higher gas prices, all you legislators who vote for the Gas Tax.  And just know that when you are in your primary battle 18 months from now, you will be in good company.  Right there on the ballot with you and your electoral hell will be none other than Beth Harwell running for Governor.

Manipulative and manipulated politicians who slammed through a huge tax increase, all on the same ballot.  Now that’s a winning ticket.

In California.


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