Uh huh. Sure.

Well Fargo “whistle blower” site disappears from government website.

Has anybody checked with Bob Corker?  We’re betting he knows what happened.



Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren said today the site created by the Feds to help investigate the huge scandals facing Wells Fargo has mysteriously been removed by the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

fauxcahontasWarren, who is the candidate of choice for President in 2020 among those on the Looney Left, is far from a disinterested observer.   But Sen. Big Chief Wannabe may have a point.  Her colleague on the Banking Committee, Sen. Bob Corker, has million$ of rea$on$ to want the whole Wells Fargo debacle to go away, as do many others who have been feeding at the Wells trough for years.

On the chance that he knows anything about the disappearance of the Wells Fargo whistle-blower site, RTP has helpfully sent Sen. Corker this suggestion on what he might want to do right away.  It (almost) worked for Hillary.


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