“Gov. Haslam? Don Sundquist is holding on line 2.”

With a $2 BILLION tax surplus, Haslam says:



After over-collecting $2 billion dollars from Tennessee taxpayers, Gov. Bill Haslam today said he thinks Tennesseans are not taxed enough and wants to raise the taxes on that most basic of middle class commodities:  gasoline.

Reports indicate Haslam is trying to sugarcoat the tax increase by promising to “index” the taxes (meaning they can go up without additional legislative approval) and to cut a little from the food and/or sales tax rate.


What is astonishing is that this proposal comes on the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump as the next President (we just love to keep saying that, so choke on it liberals).  Trump was elected by middle class outrage over politicians who do dumb things like, well, raise taxes when you are sitting on a $2 billion surplus.

Son of State Income Tax

Of course it should come as no real surprise (especially since Haslam publicly opposed Trump’s election) because many of the very same people who supported a state income tax 15 years ago are back at it.  Who are they, you might ask?  Well for one thing, the biggest proponent of a state income tax was none other than Bill Haslam’s father, Jim Haslam.  Another advocate of raising taxes is Rep. Steve McDaniel.  Recent readers may remember Steve-o as the incompetent boob who royally screwed up the Durham investigation that nearly cost Harwell her job.  But Steve has another distinction:  he is the only GOP House member who voted for the state income tax still in office.   All other Republican House members who voted for the state income tax were defeated or retired (many by force).

Here’s a little reminder of the last time the politicians tried something like what Haslam is trying  now.:


Let the scene above play out in legislators’ minds when they consider voting for this tax increase.

So how can we compare the state income tax effort to the current gas tax increase proposal?  Easy. Keep in mind the people who backed the income tax screamed that the sales tax model would “bankrupt the state” and was an “antiquated” system that was “insufficient” and would create “huge shortfalls” in needed revenue.

Well that “antiquated system” has produced a surplus of $2 billion freakin’ dollars!  And now they are saying that we need a new stream of revenue to pay for roads, that the old system is “insufficient.”  Sound familiar?  So much for phony dire warnings and BS reasons for raising the taxes on gasoline.

While a sort of “group think” has settled on some GOP legislators who think they can get away with raising taxes while sitting on a huge surplus, they should think again.  The Republican primary is only 18 months away.  We can’t wait to see the direct mail and hear the radio ads.  Here are couple of (hypothetical) examples:

“Vote for Rep. Barry Doss.  He raised your taxes.”

Or even better:

“Sen. Paul Bailey is a pain in my gas.”

Good luck with that.

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