Futile gestures.

You want more Trump?

This is how you get more Trump.


House Black Caucus demands “more diversity” in Haslam cabinet.  Fail to make similar demands of the Senate Democrat Caucus.

Hypocrisy and delusion reared their equally ugly heads recently when the Tennessee House Black Caucus demanded that Gov. Bill Haslam make his cabinet more diverse by adding more minorities.

Their demand came only days after the sole remaining African American in Haslam’s cabinet was forced to resign under a cloud of accusations of mismanagement and worse.

No word from the Black Caucus on how they are going to rectify the gross racial imbalance in the Senate Democratic Caucus, which is now 60% African American.  The latest census shows that percentage is 4 times the percentage of Black Tennesseans in the state’s population.

Who knew the state Democratic party was such a cesspit of racism and exclusion?

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