‘Tis the Season…

A late Christmas gift.



For some months now, RTP has been on a Bob Corker harangue that some thought bordered on obsession.  We have focused, with copious details, the seeming rank corruption of Sen. Bob Corker – his questionable business deals, relationships and what appears to be serious ethics violations , sweetheart development deals along with an ongoing FBI/SEC probe into, among other things, Corker’s curious stock trades (more on that in the coming days).

All this has been accompanied by our juvenile wisecracks about the vertically-challenge diminutive junior senator from Tennessee.  But even through those wisecracks, we were trying to make a point: all the preening, promoting, misdirection and a slavish local news media had absurdly elevated Corker (sorry, “elevating Corker” is apparently another cheap shot at his height) to the point where he was purported to be a serious contender for numerous high positions in the Trump regime which never happened (as Rocky Top predicted.)

Just before the holiday season kicked in, we vented our frustration with the state media’s willful ignorance and scant attention given to Corker’s troubles.

And then one foggy Christmas Eve, along came The Daily Caller.

For the uninitiated, the Daily Caller is a major political news & commentary site with millions of readers per month.  Most Republicans, as does the entire RTP crew, have it on their “favorites” list.  So we were pleasantly surprised to see mere hours after we posted our most recent screed on Corker, the Caller posted a piece that looked as though it had borrowed heavily from  Rocky Top’s previous  exposes.  Not only did they highlight the exact same accusations of corruption we had been writing about, but they even threw in the bit about Bob Corker’s height being a hindrance to his advancement.  Wonder where they got that idea?  Could it have been from here, here or even way back here?

We also looked at some of the Caller’s source material and found it to be strikingly similar to information we had relied on to develop our own Corker stories.  We mention this to point out that state media also had access to much of this information as well, if only they had taken the time to remove their noses from the senator’s nether regions long enough to look.

But then came yet another gift.  In addition to the complimentary plagiarism of RTP’s memes by The Daily Caller, we are pleased to announce that at least one journalist in the state has seen fit to notice and actually write about Corker’s “shortcomings” (sorry, we just can’t help ourselves).  Not surprisingly, the reporter who broke out of the Corker “group think” mentality was none other than the Dean himself:  Tom Humphrey.

Humphrey has long been a favorite of the RTP crew (with the possible exception of Mrs. Hot Chick, who doesn’t like the fact Tom never wears a necktie – go figure).  But the rest of us like him just fine.  Oh sure, it would be nice if he and others would give RTP a little credit for pushing the narrative every once in a while.  But then if RTP wanted to be famous, we shouldn’t have made ourselves anonymous, right?

Instead, we will console ourselves with the smug satisfaction that the more the MSM ignore RTP and our issues, the more influential we become while they become increasingly extraneous.  Except Humphrey – who even in semi-retirement can still run rings around the Yankee reporters hired by the Tennessean.

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