Speaker “O.J.”

Harwell says she will reform ethics panel in apparent attempt to “find the real sexual harassers.”



In an effort to air-brush the persistent charges and rumors of sexual harassment by some of her closest political allies, Harwell has declared she is “reforming” the way the House goes about the business of filing ethics complaints.

Yeah, right.

This is the equivalent to O.J. Simpson, who vowed after his trial to “pursue the real killers.”harwell-mean-look-edited

Harwell claimed her born-again reform was an outgrowth of the Durham Debacle.  What she didn’t say is that her newfound concern is really an outgrowth of the string of rumors and accusations that have swirled around prominent committee chairmen, her former chief of staff and her current Clerk of the House, among others.

For you see, just like O.J. Simpson, Beth knows full well the truth behind these alleged transgressions.  The fact that the media (much less her) were too gutless to pursue charges that could equal or exceed those leveled against Durham is irrelevant.  She knows who did what.  All the “reform” in the world won’t do anything to expose what Harwell already knows about other legislators’ inappropriate behavior.

Over 42% of her own caucus gave Harwell a vote of “no confidencein the recent Speaker’s race.  Her disastrous handling of the Durham situation, along with her willful cover-up of her cronies’ transgressions, were a major cause for her lack of support.

What will be the fate of Harwell’s efforts?  We don’t know.  But we do know what happened to O.J.

He’s sitting in jail.

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