And they said our love would never last……





That’s right, since the inception of our little blog in 2014, we have had over 1/2 million views of our irreverent diatribes, commentary and satire.  What’s more, half of all those views came in just the last year.  The growth has been steady, as the graph below reveals:


Here’s the funny part — RTP was never about generating large numbers of readers.  With no disrespect to the fine people in Hohenwald, Bulls Gap, Ripley and elsewhere, we have always concentrated on serving an audience of about 500 – 1,000 shakers, movers, activists, hangers-on, LP lounge lizards, malcontents and media hacks.

That works out to hundreds, if not thousands of views per shaker, per mover, etc.

We have tried humor sarcasm, thoughtful analysis and puerile commentary while trying to separate fact from rumor accompanied by the requisite disclaimers and qualifiers.  We have royally pissed off many people in power, called out sleazeballs and hypocrites and even complimented a few folks, all in the name of “good gumint.”

You’re welcome.


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