Buh-Bye, Brent.

Will the new GOP chairman clean house?

He should.

In a blow to the establishment (aka Bill Haslam & Friends), Scott Golden was elected chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party on Saturday.  We wish him good luck in a very difficult job.  Just know that RTP is counting on the new chairman to conduct the state party in a more professional and honest manner than his predecessor and the old staff conducted themselves.  He can start by cleaning out the cesspit that is the HQs staff.

We also suggest reaching out to those dozens of GOP legislators who had a very real problem with the way the state GOP conducted its business, such as paying people who were working against elected Republican officials.  Blowing off these legislators and their concerns, ignoring them and refusing to take action was an even bigger slap in the face.

But it was Brent Leatherwood’s speech before the SEC on Saturday that brought a grim sense of satisfaction and confirmation to RTP’s previous criticisms.  In that speech, he said:

“In his prepared remarks prior to Saturday’s vote, Leatherwood apologized to any executive committee members who may have been alienated after he encouraged people to vote their conscience instead of enthusiastically backing Trump.

“’I will admit some of our actions have caused considerable consternation.’”

No kidding.


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