If little ol’ Rocky Top can uncover all this about Sen. Corker…

… Just think what the Russkies could doputin to “Secretary of State” Corker.

You want sources?  We got your sources right here.

You would think after WikiLeaks, Anthony Weiner’s laptop and Hillary’s yoga emails, politicians would have learned their lesson.  But alas, no – some still think their paper trails are safely hidden away from the public’s view.

In the case of Bob Corker – like those before him — the wounds are self-inflicted.  Corker first submitted erroneous (false) financial disclosure statements that conveniently contained “filing errors” and “made mistakes” that just happened to relate to the very things we have been talking about.  That is until Corker had to do multiple revisions to his statements (while throwing his accountant under the bus). 

That’s right, all these revelations about Corker’s spurious financial dealings emanating out of RTP were laying right out in the open for anyone willing to take the time to look at them. Anyone could analyze what they revealed and accomplish the same thing as our humble crew here at RTP.

And we are not done yet.

If anyone else would like to play, just go here and here (subscription required) to pull down the Senate Financial Disclosures for Sen. Bob Corker. Those forms and that wonderful Al Gore invention called the Internet should be all you need to get started.

Have fun, but hurry.  We hear Putin has better sources than Rocky Top and that he is just itching to use them if Corker becomes the nation’s top diplomat.



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