Yeah, hire someone who helped bankrupt the party AND tried to screw Trump. That makes sense…

Brent Leatherwood for State GOP Chairman?


We have always wondered why Brent Leatherwood’s resume never mentions the name of a congressman for whom he once worked.  Check it out for yourself.  Go to LinkedIn and you will see that Brent says the he worked as a “senior policy advisor” for a U.S. Congressman, but doesn’t identify his party, his name or even his state.

Most people who have worked for over 3 years as a “senior policy advisor” to a congressman are more than happy to say who they worked for, but not Brent.  Wonder why that is?

Now fast forward to this year’s GOP primary.  Leatherwood not only didn’t update his resume to include the congressman’s name, but he also paid the wife of a subordinate with state party money, knowing she was also working to defeat that same congressman.

There is undoubtedly some bad blood there.

So Brent, what was the real story behind your leaving that congressman’s office?  Were you “encouraged” to leave? And was it with revenge in mind that you hired Taylor Ferrell with state party money, knowing she was also being paid to try and defeat the “Congressman-who-must-not-be-named?”  (Ms. Ferrell was also working to defeat several incumbent GOP legislators in the primaries — that is until over two dozen Republican legislators raised hell about it).

The point to all these questions is relatively simple to ascertain.  Is it just us, or would any normal, rational, thinking individual who has a fiduciary and political responsibility to spend the state GOP’s money wisely have a big freakin’ problem with the sleazy, disingenuous, inside dealing (nepotism) that you and your staff have engaged in and used our money to do it.  And yes, at least one of the RTP crew is and has been a generous and consistent donor to the state GOP and she is pretty torqued off about your complete disregard for even the minimal standards of ethical conduct.  It’s not hard to see why.

Brent, you and your minions allowed this to happen and when all those GOP state legislators called you on it, you arrogantly ignored them and continued to allow your political director’s wife to continue to work against the Congressman.

leatherwoodThe irony seems lost on you that that same Congressman was the first one in the state to endorse President-elect Trump (and stick with him throughout the campaign).

Maybe you know Trump’s new chief of staff, Reince Priebus? Unlike you, Brent, when Donald Trump won the nomination, Preibus refused to take cheap shots at him like the #NeverTrumpers.  Instead he worked harder than ever to make sure Trump had the RNC working for his election and got elected.  In other words, he did his damned job.

You on the other hand, with less that 30 days before the November election, proclaimed Tennessee Republicans “should vote their conscience” when it came to voting for Trump — a sniveling, not so clever attempt to say you were not for Trump, even against Hillary Clinton.  And you now want to become state party chairman?  After throwing elected Republican legislators and the next Republican President of the United States under the bus with your petty agendas, one shudders to think of what you might do as state party chairman.

You will undoubtedly be looking for work if someone besides you gets elected to the chairmanship, but there is not a snowball’s chance in hell you could get any credible position in the Trump administration.  And for good reason: they seem determined to only hire loyal, ethical Republicans.  That criteria sort of leaves you on the outside looking in, doesn’t it?  It sucks to be you.

But hey, don’t let Rocky Top dissuade the fine folks on the state executive committee – even the ones who did everything they could to defeat Trump but are now sucking up like a Hoover trying to get Inauguration tickets.

Somethings never change — but they should.  Starting with you finding another place to work.

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