We’re ba-a-a-ck!



Man with scared expression, close-up


RTP is back at work — much to the chagrin of the establishment and the political effete elite.  You know the ones — those who despise President-elect Trump (we get a Chris-Matthews-style tingle up our leg every time we say “President-elect Trump”).

For a couple of days there, Glen Casada was probably hoping that his threats to “out” Rocky Top were having an effect on our output.  Fat chance.  Our absence was the result of trying to get anyone on the RTP crew to awake from their tryptophan-enduced comas from all the turkey as well as their hangovers from the UT-Vandy game.

But back to reality and back to work.  And back to taking names and kicking behinds.  After all, the GOP chairman election is this Saturday and we couldn’t let that pass without our patented analysis accompanied by irreverent comments.  Heads up, Brent Leatherwood.

Next posting in just a few hours, which will include a continuation of our series on Bob Corker’s financial peccadilloes.  We promise not to bring up Glen’s “How to Pick Up Girls” video again (Oops.  We just did.  Our bad.).

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