Swamp not drained.


Well played, Madame Speaker.

Now the real fun begins…

Looks as though the corruption endemic to the Harwell regime will last a little longer.  Although the vote was much closer than her last re-election, she still won.  Two years ago, she won by 42 votes.  This time around her margin shrank to 10.  She received just four more votes than the minimum needed to win.  But she won.

We begin the dance again tomorrow.  Please let Joe McCord know…..


Casada wins. 

Channels O.J. Simpson:  Vows to find the real killer.

oj-simpsonGlen Casada won for Majority Leader.  How about that?  He did so largely by attacking our little blog to divert attention away from his extra-curricular activity and years-long reputation.    All we did was show an unedited video and photos of some unseemly behavior by a public official in a public place and Glen responded by threatening to “lawyer up.”  Guilty dog barks, and all that.

Just remember, Glen: you can’t libel someone with the truth.

Whatever problems Casada has in his personal or public life are entirely of his own making.  And we rest in the quiet confidence that he will screw up again and give us the opportunity to say we told you so.

See y’all tomorrow.


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