Theft by Proxy?

Harwell attempts to “rig the system” in Speaker race.

Will try to use proxy votes to win.

Move is unprecedented in a vote for Speaker.

Sources inside the House GOP caucus tell RTP that the race for Speaker is “razor thin.”  We are also told that at least four of Harwell’s votes will not be present at the meeting.  Those four votes could well  be the difference in who becomes the next Speaker.  Harry Brooks, Kelly rigged-paperKeisling and Art Swann are three of the four.  Swann had a death in his family and we are not clear on why the others will be absent.

Harwell is prepared to abuse the rules and the traditions of the House to win.  She will try to do this by allowing the members who are not there to vote anyway — by proxy.

What else would you expect from the Speaker who allowed “Ghost Voting”  on the floor of the House?

Harwell has left a legacy of phony fiscal notes, intimidation of those who disagree with her, deceitful calendaring and “flagging” of bills, covering up harassment accusations against Joe McCord, Gregory Gleaves  etc., etc. — all to get what she wants.  She has  even resorted to tears whenever faced with controversy, we suppose in an effort to gain sympathy,  and banned Rocky Top Politics from the General Assembly servers on the eve of the vote for Speaker.

But trying to cheat to win the speakership is beyond the pale.  Does any reasonable person believe that if all of her votes were present and it was Jimmy Matlock who had people who were absent, that she would allow proxy voting?  Of course not.

This has got to stop.

President-elect Trump — whose name Harwell refused to mention for the last month of the campaign — has demonstrated what happens when elitist politicians try to “rig the system.”


Time to Drain the Swamp.

It’s a secret ballot.

Caveat Emptor.


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