Seriously? You numbnuts really think this will shut us down?


Harwell completely freaks out.  Blocks Rocky Top from General Assembly servers!

Believes she can’t get re-elected Speaker if RTP revelations continue (and they will).

In a clear sign her speakership is in serious trouble, Speaker Beth Harwell has apparently instructed the General Assembly tech nerds to block Rocky Top from legislative computers.  Our own techno nerds received this last night, not long after we posted the viral video of Glen “Mr. Grabby Hands” Casada:

Hello I am the Network Manager here at the Tennessee General Assembly and your website is currently being blocked by a security device we utilize.   The type of exploit that is identified is directed at mobile devices.  If you are able to validate that the server hosting your site is clean you can be removed from the database by contacting DVLabs at 1-866-681-8324

Alan Osborne
Network Manager
Tennessee General Assembly
Legislative Information Systems
Phone: 615-741-1100 ext. 44911

Cell: 615-969-2535

If this is a legit message — and we think it is — then this demonstrates a panicked desperation by the embattled Speaker.  What is funny is that she and her minions believe that sending a bogus message about alleged malware is enough to make us stop telling the truth about what Harwell, McCord, Ridley, et al have done to the reputation and operations of the General Assembly.

Nice try morons.  Rarely have we witnessed a more sophomoric attempt at censorship.  It’s what we expected from the likes of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.  But in her frantic attempt to hold on to her position, Harwell has really stepped in it.  All the way up to her eyes.

But just so you know, Rocky Top will not be deterred.  To our readers (which is pretty much everybody in state government), we suggest you just use your own phone’s server to read RTP.  Sneak into the bathrooms (like the ones across the hall from the Speaker’s office) to read what is really going on.  Or just read it at home.  Or Starbucks.  Maybe we should call our friends at Breitbart and have them link RTP to their daily briefings.  The possibilities are endless..

We will continue to bring you our smarmy little diatribes, even if we have to print it out and bring it to the front doors of the political class and shove it up their nether regions.

One last note:  Since you sent that message Mr. Osborne, RTP has been read by over 11,000 people.  So your security software is either not working or, more likely, you just made it all up.

What idiots.




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