Drain the Swamp.

As if we don’t already have enough to do, what with rounding up all the liberals for immediate deportation and forcing college students to make their own beds and wipe their own bottoms.  But now we get yet more information about horny legislators for whom Beth Harwell has covered up.


Birds of a feather…

This time it is the legendary (at least in his mind) Rep. Charles Sargent.  What we are about to reveal is likely no surprise to many if not most of the denizens at the LP.  The story is fairly well known, as are the principals involved.  Again, for the lawyers, we report this secondhand but with the firm belief that it is true.  And we will not name the female staffer at the center of the controversy, as per the Speaker’s wishes.  Others in this sordid little saga are fair game, though.

You wouldn’t know it to look at him now, but in years past Charles possessed enough animal magnetism to attract a coupling partner.  And no, we are not talking about his wife.  We have had numerous tips over the last couple of years from people who wanted us to tell about Sargent’s extracurricular love life, but we demurred.  To do so seemed so unsporting – sort of like shooting the wounded.

But that was before Rep. Pants Candy and the Harwell Grand Inquisition.  We always wondered why the Speaker seemed so agitated by Jeremy Durham, especially when we had it on multiple good

The Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor

authorities that she knew of and condoned (either actively or passively) the infidelity/sexual harassment misbehaviors by some of her closest allies.  She has used her past chief of staff, “Ice Bitch” Connie Ridley, Joe McCord, other legislators and even the Attorney General of the State of Tennessee to doggedly pursue and expel a miscreant like Durham, doing so while  fearing her own complicity would be uncovered.

No, when Beth started going after Durham she unintentionally made her own transgressions fair game.  And one of the most odious was what happened with Charles Sargent.  The way the story goes, the very-married Charles was having a grand old time “pounding the old Posturepedic” with one of his staffers.  At some point it became politically untenable to continue the relationship.  We do not know whether Charles’ wife caught on, whether he had a religious conversion or whether he was on the verge of embarrassing his colleagues.  Our sources were not clear on that point.  The end result was that something needed to be done and the female staffer in question needed to be, ahem, removed from the situation.  But ever since Gloria Steinem, womenfolk have got downright snippy about such things as sexual harassment or losing their jobs because shagging the boss was no longer convenient for the boss.  How dare they stand up for themselves!

Here is a snippet from a message one of the RTP tipsters sent some time ago about the Sargent Situation:

“I don’t know who Rep. Sargent’s new lady is, but he slept with NAME WITHHELD for years. WITHHELD was Joe McCord’s AA when he was a representative. I know at one point they had to keep Paxil on hand for her. Seriously.”

We believe you, loyal Tipster. Because the woman in question is still a state employee and is now employed by the Speaker’s extended office!  Harwell knows who all the players are, knows the situation and has covered up for all concerned the entire time she has been in the Speaker’s chair.  But while Durham was being (deservedly) tarred & feathered for his peccadilloes, Beth hypocritically helped heat up the tar while remaining silent about Charles and the others (including her own senior staffer) who were either guilty of similar infractions and/or who helped cover up for others.

[Editor’s Note:  In the midst of all this is Joe McCord (aka Joe McCrude), both as someone accused of reprehensible (and unpunished) behavior and as a loyal “fixer” for the Speaker.  If Beth is concerned RTP is going to reveal more stuff about McCord, she has right to be concerned.  We will wait to see how the election goes tomorrow, but regardless of who is elected speaker, McCord’s days should be numbered. In the days ahead RTP will have more on Mr. McCrude — a LOT more. ]

By all accounts, Beth is in a close race to remain Speaker.  Maybe the AG investigation turned up enough dirt on enough people to get her re-elected.  But it would be a damn shame if the House named her Speaker (and McCord as Clerk) out of fear.

It’s a secret ballot ladies and gentlemen.

You can’t fix the problems without removing the people who caused the problems.

Time to “Drain the Swamp” in Nashville just as they are trying to do in Washington, DC



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