Say, didn’t Rep. Pants Candy get booted for similar behavior?


The tips, photos and videos keep pouring in as the result of this article.  We will have some new photos from Bar Louie later today.  Stay tuned…


“When the time is right….”cialis




The tips just keep on coming.  RTP was given this VIDEO by an anonymous (naturally) RTP tipster who said it was taken recently at Bar Louie in the Gulch in Nashville.

casada-prowl-1-editedThe first question is for the ladies.  Is the older man in the video hitting on the young girl?  RTP crew member, Mrs. Hot Chick, says she recognizes all the characteristics — late night, bar, booze, young girl, pulsating music, inappropriate touching, zero personal space, etc.  The wives of two other crew members agree:  It’s a case of a Randy Representative “gettin’ busy” with a woman half his age.


Hint:  In the future you might want to take off the wedding ring.  Especially when you grope someone’s upper inner thigh.  Just sayin’…

Other questions we have:

Is the girl in the video:

  • a legislative staff member?
  • an intern?
  • a lobbyist?
  • somebody’s daughter?

Would Beth Harwell agree this is “inappropriate behavior” and “conduct unbecoming” for a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives? Wasn’t this sort of thing at the very center of the complaints against Jeremy Durham?

Are there separate standards for the top members of leadership vs. the rank-and-file?  Does being Speaker, Majority Leader or Caucus Chairman give one the right to flaunt the rules, then stonewall and dodge responsibility? (Like herehere …. here … and  here, just to give a few examples.)

And the most important question of all:

Is the GOP caucus really ready to elevate someone to the second highest position in the House who has a long-standing reputation (seemingly confirmed by this video) of such behavior? What happens when other women start coming forward (and you know they will).  Are we looking at another AG investigation? Another black eye for the House?  Another resignation or expulsion?

These are all damn good questions.  And they deserve an answer before Thursday.

Knowing that mea culpas are probably not forthcoming any time soon, we will say again:

Caveat Emptor.

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