“You’ve got junk mail”

“Madame Speaker, Carlos Danger is holding on line three…”

From Rep. Pants Candy to Legislative Junk Shots.

Good grief.  Legislative Plaza and political circles are abuzz about another possible sexual harrassment scandal swirling around the Speaker’s office.

This one is a doozy.  RTP has helpfully pieced together the most consistent version of the widely-circulated rumor and if it turns out to be true, there is a whole House of Cards that would come tumbling down.

The accusation is that a very high-ranking person in the employ of the Speaker, allegedly as a joke, “borrowed” the cell phone of a member of the legislature and took a photo crotch shot of his own Anthony Weiner.  Sick enough as it goes, but then this person sent the photo to a female legislative staffer.  We kid you not.

We were told the names of all the individuals involved, but we will not publish them (at this time) in order to protect the female staffer who got “junked.”  Surely Beth Harwell can appreciate the need to protect the identity of the female who was allegedly targeted.  “Protecting the women who came forward” was Harwell’s oft-repeated mantra all through the Durham investigation.weiner-dog

RTP has also been told the Speaker was directly informed of this political perversion and offered up the lame suggestion that the female staffer could “file a formal complaint” if she was offended — something the Speaker did not require of the women who were the recipients of Durham’s unwanted advances.


Harwell managed to launch a huge, expensive AG investigation and expel a member of the legislature without a single complaint ever being filed.  But NOW filing a complaint is the requirement she sets when the accusation is aimed at her own employee.

This will not end well if it comes out.  And as Jeremy Durham proved, it will come out.

Leadership elections are this coming week.   Between now and then Beth Harwell owes the caucus a full explanation on this and the other controversies she has stonewalled — McCord, Gleaves, Ridley, etc., etc., etc.  (Oh, and let’s not forget the time Harwell allowed Ridley to publicly try and shame legislators over InsureTN).

Sure would be a shame to elect a Speaker who may have to resign after the fact.

Caveat Emptor.


[Editor’s note:  It has been confirmed that Anthony Weiner has been committed to a re-hab facility in Nunnely, TN.  Maybe there is an extra room for the growing list of legislators and politicians who could use their services.]


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