Watch This Space, Bill Hagerty.

Corker for Secretary of Treasury?  State?

Don’t Make Us Laugh.


Why is this man smiling?

It could be he has read some of the hyper-ventilating speculation by some in the MSM (especially here in Tennessee) about how junior Sen. Bob Corker is in line to head up the Treasury department, or even Secretary of State

Yeah, we’ve heard this before, haven’t we?  Remember Vice President Corker?

One of the crew here at Rocky Top has had some experience in dealing with presidential transitions and they quickly burst the bubble that is Secretary-of-Anything Bob Corker.

Why?  It’s simple.  Bob Corker has more baggage than an airport luggage conveyor belt coming around for the third time.  Just because the pliant press has ignored or refused to dig into the Senator’s questionable business dealings and relationships, doesn’t mean it isn’t so or that others have not already done so.  And it doesn’t mean the people vetting possible cabinet appointments are not well aware of (or soon will be) of Corker’s myriad of 3-car Monte financial disclosures and why he has the desperate need to keep the truth from the Trump transition team.

That won’t last.  For one thing, Sen. Corker (R-Wells Fargo) is now facing growing scrutiny of everything from his curious stock trades to his reprehensible shorting of the housing market while he sat on the committee overseeing the housing market.  Some of this has already been reported in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post and RTP is about to add to the smell emanating from planet Corker.

The last thing a new President needs is the distraction of having to defend one of his first appointments.  The MSM will soon be looking for fresh scalps to try and discredit the Trump administration and Bob will be at the top of their target list.

Rocky Top will begin to deliver our own irresponsible and obtuse brand of analysis in the next few days, and what we reveal will undoubtedly end up in the morning brief for people like Bill Hagerty, one of Trump’s top transition hombres and a native Tennessean.

If Trump, Hagerty, et al feel obligated to reward Corker with some sort of post, maybe name him head of the Small Business Administration.  Some might consider that to be cruel typecasting, but we feel Bob might measure up.corker-and-trump

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