Harwell Still Silent on Trump

Harwell yet to offer public statement of support, even after the election.

Hillary Clinton has said more nice things about Trump since the election.


It has been more than a month since Speaker Beth Harwell blasted Trump for his so-called “locker room” comments.  Since that time Harwell has not uttered one word in public in support of Trump. Way back in March, just after Trump won 94 out of 95 Tennessee counties in the Presidential primary, Harwell said she “could” support Trump.  But after the locker room controversy, she went silent.

Even the feckless Bill Haslam offered post-election good wishes for Trump, although it was hard to tell what he was saying because his teeth were so clinched.  But not Harwell.

And despite having over $1million in her political PACs and being a multi-millionaire herself, it appears Harwell did not make a single contribution to Trump or any of the independent expenditure committees formed on his behalf.

So for all those #NeverTrump GOP legislators out there, it looks like you have found your leader – Beth Harwell.

But for all you legislators who endorsed and worked and voted for Trump, you might want to look elsewhere for a leader who at least has the backbone to publicly support our next President.

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