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Just got this from a tipster in the Butler-Windle race.  We reprint it in it’s entirety, with no edits.

–  RTP staff

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Rocky Top:
I know you guys have covered stories in the past, in regards to campaign sign theft, vandalism etc….
This particular race, is one being watched as one of the top 6 in the state. The Tennessean did a story as well that this was one of the most
watched races.  Why?  The Incumbent is 20+ year Democrat John Mark Windle who is being supported by Speaker Harwell and Gov. Haslam over the Republican candidate, Ed Butler.
John Mark Windle ONLY received 23 more votes than Ed Butler int he August Primary, and typically in races past, Windle leads by thousands of votes.
This race is for the TN District 41 House of Reps that covers Jackson, Overton, Fentress, & Morgan Counties.
Mr. Ed Butler received the endorsement from the TN Police Benevolent Association. His campaign had 4 x 4 campaign signs showcasing this endorsement.
Windle was NOT happy with the TPBA for giving Mr. Butler this endorsement and called them upset, questioning their decision.  Ironically, these TPBA Endorsement signs start being cut down and stolen from multiple sites in Overton and Morgan Counties.
Pictures included……
First instances:  A soldier with the TN National Guard, an admitted close friend of John Mark Windle, personally cut down 2 of Mr. Butler’s TN Police Benevolent
endorsement signs, because he did not like their location, and physically carried them into the Wes Tucker TN National Guard Armory on HWY 111, Livingston TN and left them.
This National Guard Armory notified the Butler Campaign that the had the signs and would put them back up, if they had the means. The Wes Tucker National Guard
Armory in Livingston, TN notified the Butler Camp that this soldier would be in trouble and answering to the Chief Commander for his actions and behavior. They also
notified the Butler Camp that they were aware this soldier’s actions were illegal and that they were aware Mr. Butler could file charges, and that they would be
reprimanding this soldier, via military standards and procedures as well.
Butler’s Campaign thanked the Armory for their notification, and assistance, and Mr. Butler returned and picked up the signs at the armory and re-hung the signs.
Later that same afternoon, after Butler had returned to the location on Hwy 111 and re-attached the cut down signs, a Butler supporter was driving by and noticed
a second man attempting to remove Mr. Butler’s TPBA Signs, from the same location!  This supporter was smart in that she started taking pictures, and pulled in behind this man, in the truck to try and capture video and pictures.  As you can see by the video and pictures, this man in the red shirt was trying to intimidate this supporter of Mr. Butler’s.  What you can’t see, is that this man spit at this supporter as well!
HERE IS THE KICKER! If you will notice you will see the supporter was able to get a clear picture, of the back of the truck, with the license plate of the truck being
used.  The truck is REGISTERED TO NONE OTHER THAN JOHN MARK WINDLE! So why is Windle having guys out doing his dirty work?  The Overton County
Police were asked by the Butler Camp if John Mark Windle had reported his truck being stolen and they stated NO. Therefore, he had to give the keys to this individual who was out to do his dirty work.
Ed Butler’s Campaign filed a police report and a warrant is being issued, at present understanding, for the solider with the last name of Birchfield. The pictures
did not show, the 2nd man actually going thru with the taking down of the signs, again, since the supporter pulled up and started taking pictures. Thus, Mr. Butler could not file anything on the second man, due to being stopped, but he was able to receive this pictures form his supporter, that Windle’s truck was being used!
Several of the TN Police Benevolent Association endorsement signs started being cut down in Morgan County.  Ironically, around the same time that Windle started making it publicly known that he felt the race would be won in Morgan County.
Overton County Sheriff’s Dept.  931. 823.5635
Wes Tucker National Guard Armory: 931. 823.5333
Ed Butler’s Campaign Spokesperson:  Jennifer Hamblin  615.504.0244
Speaker Beth Harwell: 615.741.0709
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